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TomCattersVF31 #1 Posted 08 March 2017 - 06:40 PM

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I was wondering if anybody else has come across this lately.??.In recent games which I have played and checked how my team has done,there have been up to 4 or more players who have not done anything whatsoever.At first I put it down to coming in late to the game but after a while it seemed to be deliberate,have also seen this on the Red team as well.It has only started recently.Some of these players are good ones,could have been their controllers going out,but after 20 games and it keeps still happening.??.Yes I have considered their internet crashing but when everybody spawns in it strange.Technical faults.??.

HanaHardtime #2 Posted 08 July 2017 - 01:28 AM


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Are you talking about AFKr's?  My clan mates have kicked this problem around and cannot agree as to whether there is any large scale deliberate AFKing.  We have picked up the occasional chatter bragging about his AFK results. Why? only guess:  Garage building by AFKing tanks with a really bad grind, or simply abandoning an  obvious losing match.  Since leaving the tank in game prevents you from going into another, maybe they are playing multiple accounts; or, maybe they have found a way to auto AFKing while they are at school.  When I played WOW, the "pro" players, whose only objective were to build characters to sell, made the game a misery with  their badgering and unexpected exits. WoT has no similar inherent incentive for pros of this ilk.


Sure, we all suffer disconnects or erratic service, especially those us out in the boonies.   WoT tracks to see who is leaving the game early with regularity; so, it seems that AFKr's should be an easy stat for them to add.  I haven't noticed an increase in AFKrs;  I will now.  This is something for WG detectives to look at.

SirEase #3 Posted 30 July 2017 - 05:00 AM


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What I have seen is team members self destructing, in one match I had 4 of them drive right into the water which leaves you and the rest of your team in a bad way.

They where all tier 4 and it was a tier 5 battle so they would have been able to contribute especially since 3 of the 4 tanks were Matilda's and the 4th was a Valentine. I could not set them to avoid in the future since I have only a Xbox and not Xbox One I wrote their names down to try and remember them Vitaman83, Scorpius Draco, Nerpjuice and (Hyper) The Yam 90. Also just had a battle on the Northwest map where 3 tanks did everything to impede me a German light tank Tier III, and 2 American tanks a Tier III medium and Tier V tank destroyer, I was using a Tier V OI so I could simply push them unfortunately they only concern was to keep me from helping my team. That is really annoying and I could not file an appropriate in game complaint because all 3 were on Xbox One. The file a complaint does not have a option for that. Mr Only Once, Pepper N Cheese, wisHyOuHaDsKilL. There are time where I sigh when I get not a favorable tier or match but at no time do I quit or deliberately impede others. I know this is not what you have mention but this is just as annoying.

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