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The newbie's guide for the first half year (up to tier 7)

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JanneVee23 #1 Posted 04 April 2017 - 06:35 AM

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Today marks day 172 in game for me and I have played just over 4000 battles. I am by no account a great player and still have a lot to learn but I usually finish every other game in the top third of my team nowadays (the other games I usually DIE OF STUPID). I have learned quite a bit since day 1 that I would like to share with people who just started this game.

The most important lesson that took me quite a while to understand is actually quite simple:

WoT is a team game! You win or you loose as a team. One player can make quite a difference but no one tank as ever won the battle by itself.

Naturally as a new player who hasn't mastered the game yet you can't be expected to contribute to much to your team. The one thing you can do however is to not DIE OF STUPID.


Every beginner tends to die a lot of inexperience. It took me almost a month until I was confident that I could drive across a bridge without falling over the side and drowning myself. Or I went into panic mode when I got detected and reversed into the harbour basin on the Port map drowning myself. Or I misjudged the hill that I was driving down and exploded myself. Or I didn't know the map I was playing and rounded that hill in a light tank to suddenly spot 5 enemy tanks...all at once...and then explode beautifully...

You name it, I have done it...every common mistake and maybe I have even come up with fancy new ideas to die...dunno...the important bit here is to make mistakes but to learn from them...inexperience vs DYING OF STUPID...the difference is that dying of stupid is avoidable because you know better...

How to avoid DYING OF STUPID:


Lesson A: learn...learn the maps, learn your tank (strength/weaknesses), learn the enemy tanks, learn to drive, learn to shoot...utilise the internet, watch youtube videos because a lot of techniques and strategies are much easier to understand when you watch them...talk to fellow players...I have learned so much from fellow tankers...platoon up...most importantly play, play, play...every battle teaches you something and funnily enough the most frustrating battles are the best lessons...

Make mistakes...lots of them...don't worry about stats...you will get better...it just takes time...

Lesson B: find your style and prioritise...there is not much point in trying to master light tanks, artillery and heavies at the same time...find out what play-style you enjoy the most and plan your advancement maybe up to tier 8...

Lesson C: don't rush things...yes the moment when you get to the next tier is great but the level of game play rises as well...Tier I to III are the games with the most newbies and there are no hard and fast rules...Tier IV and V is medium level i.e. you often get lucky in terms of your stupid mistakes might not be punished by DYING OF STUPID...Tier VI and VII are serious, you make a stupid mistake and you are dead...level VIII and above I can't say because I am not good enough to play at this level...I do own a Fatherland but over the last 4 weeks I played 15 battles in it because my skill level for a Tier VIII Russian Heavy is just not there yet...also it often pays off to invest into the last tech tree upgrade for your tank even if it isn't required for unlocking the next tank because often this unlocks the first upgrade for the next tank...


Lesson D: Don't play selfish...it's a team game so it's bad enough if you DIE OF STUPID but don't loose the battle because while being one of the 2 tanks capturing the enemy base you decide to run off to kill the artillery that just got spotted and loose the battle as a result because you didn't pay attention that the enemy team is also capping your base...I did that...once...told you I made all the mistake you can imagine...

Traffic etiquette is worth mentioning...try to avoid the whole three-stooges-situation especially on bridges with no rails...watch where you drive...throwing people off aim by ramming them is bad enough but driving into a well hidden TD, lighting it up or pushing people out of cover makes you a d#ck head...

Lesson E: Patience is a true virtue in this game. WoT has more similarities with chess than with a first person shooter. Usually the team that play too impatient and goes to look for the enemy is the one that looses. Have defensive goals at first...if you have not mastered the art of staying undetected there is no point in wanting to drive a fragile tank destroyer.

Practical stuff:
-Don't spend the gold you been given when you started the game or the 300 you get for completing the tutorial on converting tank XP to free XP...keep it to be able to sell fixed equipment before selling a tank...

-keep an eye open for free stuff for beginners...WG usually has a starter-bundle add-on for free with consumables and a free Tier I premium tank
-Don't use free XP to get a new tank..use it to get the first upgrades as most stock tanks are not really good...
-Change the radar to mini map asap and learn to keep an eye on it

LOOKIN4VENGENCE #2 Posted 05 December 2017 - 11:45 PM


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Solid advice

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