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75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid

Doolittle Raid 75th Anniversary

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Ok, it appears that some people in this thread need to refresh their memories about this war.  That being said, in an effort to address some of the comments without a TL/DR scenario, I'll just say a few things.

1) The Japanese were already performing genocide in China before the Doolittle raid, so saying it caused an additional 250,000 deaths is just ignorant.

2) Yes the A-bombs didn't have to be dropped to win the war.  We could have invaded causing many more civilian and US casualties.  We could have waited for the Soviets to invade. Costing even more civilian deaths, more Soviet deaths, and left Japan in soviet hands after the war.  Or we could have just continued our blockade until they surrendered.  The last one would have been worst in terms of civilian deaths.

In other words, Japan is better off with the way the war ended.  Both in terms of lives saved by it, and the guilt of the bombs allowing so much whitewashing of their crimes during the war.

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