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inaccurate Track link length Churchill British Bulldog / VII ; please adjust

track link inaccurate Churchill British Bulldog Churchill VII

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Knot3D #1 Posted 14 June 2017 - 04:23 PM


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Hi WG,


I really do love the look of the Churchill British Bulldog in this game. 


However, I do have one nitpick about it though, which is about the length of the track links, ergo the amount of links.

As you can see in this comparison picture, the real deal on the left and the WOT British Bulldog on the right - the length of each track link on the British Bulldog  is too small ( and the tech tree Churchill VII as well ).





They really are longer in reality and as the actual tech data says, it should either be 70 or 72 track links on each side of the tank. ( See Suspension bracket in pic below )

I bet the game version counts more track links than that.

I would highly appreciate it if you guys can make this adjustment to be historically accurate to the real track links.


* edit : looking at the Churchill track links plastered onto the Boilermaker ; Ironically, it seems the track link length is about correct there.....




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