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WZ-132 Guide

Chinese WZ-132

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Y5O5ER1U5 #1 Posted 19 August 2017 - 09:46 PM


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The WZ-132 is the Chinese tier VIII light tank that leads to the tier IX WZ-120 med and tier X 121 med and personally it is my favorite light out of the tier VIII's due to it's reliable gun, which i will get into in a little bit. It looks basically the same as it's bigger brothers in the medium line but with a lower profile and has a similar design to the Russian T-54 LTWT, but in all honesty it couldn't have a more different play style than it. It's main features are the firepower, spotting and concealment. 

All of the numbers listed will be from the tankopedia and in game viewer, so if anything is off, it's WG fault.

Screenshot 86f3dcf1-1ead-4019-bd13-a4df6ba27f1f


Gun: In my opinion this is the best gun out of all the tier VIII lights due to it's pen, damage and shell velocity that makes it very well rounded and reliable in some sticky situations. Main armament features a 100mm 60-100T gun with a base reload 7.90 sec, ROF of 7.59 r/m, an aim time of 2.30 sec and accuracy at 100 meters of 0.36. It gets a gun elevation of +20 deg and depression of -5 degrees (which can be literally depressing sometimes).The gun depression is the one and only downside to this tank but with a little magic, you can make things happen. I managed to get the reload down to 6.52 sec with BIA, rammer and vents which would give it a ROF of 9.20 r/m. This has a potential of 2300 DPM. I do not use food so you can get better results still by adding that in. It has the second greatest pen values of the tier VIII lights falling just short of the German RU 251.

Edit: I tested one battle with food which brought down the reload to 6.25 sec for 9.60 r/m and will give you 2400 dpm


Ammo: AP pen-189  Damage-250  Velocity-920 m/s

            APCR pen-244  Damage-250  Velocity-1150 m/s

            HE pen-50  Damage-330  Splash radius-1.76 m  Velocity-920 m/s


Engine: 8V135 has 520 horsepower with a P/WT of 21.40, that gives it decent acceleration and the top speed that gets to 64kph. Top reverse speed is 23kph so a little peek-a-boom can be done with ease.

Fire chance of 12% but sometimes feels more than that. 


Turret and hull: Turret armor- Front   Sides  Rear      Hull armor- Front  Sides  Rear

                                                 55mm  35mm  20mm                      50mm 25mm  20mm


What can I say about the armor? Don't rely on it. I've had some bounces here or there but it was basically lucky.

Hull rotation 56 degrees per sec and turret rotation is 48 degrees per sec. Makes it pretty ideal for death circles.


View range: is a 4 way tie for 1st place between the RU, T49 and AMX 13-90 at 400 meters with the LTWT at the bottom of the list.

Train up the view skills/perks, coupled with optics and you have 453.29 meters. Factor in combat rations and it goes to 469.57 (tanks.gg)


Base radio range: 750 meters


My equipment: Optics, rammer, vents. I chose vents over stabs to boost the view and reload a bit as I find myself shooting stationary while undetected the majority of the time and when I do shoot on the move I'm within a range that it hits.


My ammo load out: AP  APCR  HE

                                 25     15      3


Skills/Perks suggestions: Sixth Sense, Camo, Sit awareness, brothers in arms, green thumb, muffled shot, recon, repairs, track mechanic, smooth ride, snap shot.


I go with the 1st three when starting a new light crew because they give me the best advantage to out spot the enemy,  to help my team and to get the most xp I can to progress my crew. If I were to keep a crew in this tank I'll slip mentor in the #5 spot to acquire the extra crew xp. I don't need repairs or track mechanic until i get all the camo and view range, I feel they make more of an impact in battle as I put the view and camo to work more than trying to out maneuver the enemy. If your running away and getting shot at then you've probably over extended which I previously said was a no no.


Battle plan: At the beginning I will race to utmost frontal position with hard and or soft cover (Rocks, Buildings, Bushes) in the "middle" of the map to get as much intel as possible to find out where the enemy are headed and how many are headed to each area but don't over extend (a great player told me that once). I pick the middle of the map with a bush so I can get a few shots into the sides or tracks to try and deter them or hold them up so my team can get to key areas first and have the advantage. I will stay there as long as I can without detection.

When things get stale and there is no more action, I am off to go help one of the flanks staying behind my teammates a short distance to give support, looking for possibilities of flanking or being flanked by the enemy. If the flank is falling then I have no choice but to leave and go help the other side (there is no point in sitting there trying to brawl or losing health when the inevitable is going to happen).

Always keep an open eye for any chance of farming heavies and turretless TD's that have strayed from their pack.

As the battle progresses and your team has been beaten on a bit you will be the key to getting a win. You'll need to play a more forward position utilizing the view range and camo for your team to pick off any stragglers. When the odds are in your favor then you can start rushing in and taking more risks for the clean up.


I have found this tank to be one of the most rewarding tanks I've played thus far and enjoyed just about every battle in it.

I hope this guide helps someone or brings in some new 132 lovers.

If you are in need of a video I'm sure The Turkey Tank has plenty on youtube.

litanja #2 Posted 19 August 2017 - 09:51 PM

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Nice guide, thanks :great:


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ErinaceousHedge #3 Posted 29 August 2017 - 06:06 PM


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I've also found that the 132 is the best tier VIII light tanks. 


Also the stock grind is basically painless since the stock engine and gun are not bad.


Good guide though. 

"The best tank terrain is that without anti-tank weapons."  - Soviet Military Doctrine


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Y5O5ER1U5 #4 Posted 01 October 2017 - 04:54 PM


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Thanks guys.

Wish I could post a video to further help someone. Maybe one day if we get a replay system. :)

GloryAndTrash #5 Posted 14 November 2017 - 04:18 AM


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View PostY5O5ER1U5, on 01 October 2017 - 06:54 PM, said:

Thanks guys.

Wish I could post a video to further help someone. Maybe one day if we get a replay system. :)


you can save video ( if u play on ps4) and upload it in youtube

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