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That moment when you get into a battle at 4:30 AM and this happens

Battle Brain Dead Teams WTF?

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LORD DEATHv11 #1 Posted 12 September 2017 - 09:40 AM


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So I was on WoT tirelessly grinding out the last 10k XP to finish the 5th Earn Op phase when I got into a battle that was filled with incompetent players on both sides. The map was Redshire. Right off the bat, I notice that most if not all of the mediums and heavies are camping at the back and have moved less than five map grid squares away from the base in any direction. I also notice that everyone with the exception of a few vehicles have all gone to the left leaving the other side of the map completely defenseless. I decide to press on determined to fight the odds. That's when I get to the center of the map and notice that the enemy team has almost the exact same problems. Incompetent players camping in the back. They couldn't even kill me when I drove my T71 right through them. I got to see a friendly 110 Chinese Heavy shoot the ground in front of him trying to hit another target. I also watched as an enemy Centurion YOLO'd out and try to chase me down. I circled him about 3 times and watched as his fast turning turret lined up with my tank. Had be been even a little competent at aiming the damn thing he might have actually been able to kill me. But he fired twice and missed. I drive off as I ran out of ammo from bouncing 3 of the auto-aimed shots and then return to find that he'd forgotten about me in the 20 short seconds it took me to reload the gun. I die shortly after. We lost the battle unsurprisingly. Seriously, where do the these teams of potato players even come from? Why are they even a thing? Why do I have to get paired with these guys and attempt to win battles anymore? It feels like at one point, this game had decent players who knew what they were doing. Now it just feels like a bunch of lemmings all copying each other's bad WoT habits.

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