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Polish WOT League

Tournament league 7vs7

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seba0502 #1 Posted 26 September 2017 - 02:40 PM


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Welcome to amateur Polish World of Tanks League!


14th of October second season of our League is starting!


This time around we are playing 7v7 with tier 10 vehicles. All teams are invited to have fun and compete. You don’t need to be a clan member to participate. Just gather 7 volunteers and sign up. Face different opponent each saturday, see how you stack up as a leader and strategist and fight for the first place!


Below are full Rules of our League, i know that's a lot of text but please read them all ;)


Rules of Polish WOT League




1. These rules come to force with a start of second season of Polish WOT League, and will remain unchanged until further notice. If highly justified, some rules may be subject to change, even during a season.

1.1. Following prizes are available for the winning team:

    1st place - Dicker Max, tier VI premium TD + 3 days of premium

    2nd place - T-127, tier III premium light tank + 500000 silver + 7 days of premium

    3rd place - 7 days of premium + 1 garage slot

1.2 Commanders of teams, that placed 1-3 will be asked to select up to 7 players, which will then receive a private message from seba0502 with a reward code.




2. Gameplay mode, tournament rules, vehicles tier and quantity allowed per battle roster are voted by the commanders before the season start, and made public by admins in tournament’s Discord channel before the start of each season.

2.1. Minimal players count to start the match is 5.

2.2. Maximum of 2 identical vehicles in match roster is allowed.

2.2.1. Different variations of very similar tanks from the same family will be treated as one model:

-        IS-3, IS-3A, FATHERLAND

-        All BLACK EDITION tanks and their standard counterparts

-        KV-5, KV-5 GORYNYCH, VIPER


-        T26E4 SuperPershing and Freedom

-        T71 and Lycan

-        T54 mod.1 and Motherland

-        other vehicles with identical statistics, differing only by their name and appearance

2.4. Vehicle selection in each match is limited according to rules 2.4.1 to 2.4.3. below. All limits apply at once.

2.4.1. Maximum of 2 Tank Destroyers allowed per team

2.4.2. Maximum of 1 Waffenträger auf E 100 per team allowed.

2.4.3. Maximum of 3 autoloaders per team allowed.




3. Match room [training room] is opened by the Host team. A Host is designated as a first team to the left on a schedule [in A vs B match, team A is a Host and team B is a Guest]. The room shall be opened 15 minutes prior to the start of the match. First battle of the match is played on Host’s map, and Host team’s players shall be set on the left side of the lobby.

3.1. Each battle has 10 minutes time limit.

3.2. Vehicle selection is done in turns, two players at a time.

3.2.1. First to select is always a team on the left side of the lobby [after switching sides, order of selection changes as well].

3.2.2. Once selected, no tank can be changed. If by accident the selection would be canceled, the same tank shall be re-selected.

3.3. After tank selection, each team is obliged to confirm readiness in a special chat room, opened specifically for the match on League’s Discord server. Unjustified delay in tank selection should be reported by mentioning @admin. After settling the dispute, admin may, at his own discretion, recognise the delay as a fault on offending team’s part, due to the rule 3.15 of this rule book.    

3.4. If the lineup, selected by any team is incorrect, enemy team is obliged to notify the admin team by mentioning @Admin in the discord channel. Offender shall then change only the incorrect vehicles, and the match can be continued.

3.4.1. In case if the battle has already been started with incorrect lineup, it should be immediately repeated, after changing only the illegal tanks.

3.4.2. If offending team for any reason declines to correct the illegal lineup, admin should be called upon to settle the dispute. Admin may, at his own discretion, sentence a loss of given battle in favor of the other team, after settling the dispute.

3.4.3. Teams, that will be reported 5 times for incorrect vehicle selection, will be given a warning from the admin team. Each concurrent, justified report may be punished by the admin team by subtraction of points in the general table, or by removing the team from the Tournament, if the errors keep appearing despite the warning.

3.5. Each team can have up to 4 players in reserve in the match lobby.

3.6. Spectators can be allowed into the match room, only if they are admin or streamer. Other spectators can be allowed to the match room only with mutual permission of both teams.

3.6.1. Spectators cannot be neither a part of any of the teams, nor any of the clans involved in the match. Exception to this rule is a match of two teams containing players from one clan.

3.7. In the group phase, match ends with getting 3 victories by one of the teams. First two battles are played on Host’s map, another two on Guest’s map. In the Cup phase match is continued according to the same key. If after 4 or 8 battles, the match is a draw, one additional battle is played, on a map that has been previously announced by the admin team for current match week. In the tie break sides shall be changed relative to the last preceding battle.

3.8. During the group phase, each team has to select one map per week, and announce it in the match room, at latest at 23:59 on Wednesday, adding a mention to the enemy team and admin team. If the match has been moved, and will be played before Wednesday of this match week, the selection can be announced at latest 24h before the match start.

3.8.1. Available maps:


Ardens or Ardens - Summer


Airfield or Airfield - War

Arctic Circle or Arctic Circle - Summer

Ardens or Ardens - Summer



Duklas Pass

El Haluf or El Haluf - War

Ensk or Ensk - War


Fisherman’s Bay

Ghost Town



Himmelsdorf or Winter Himmelsdorf






Liberty Falls



Mountain Pass or Mountain Pass - Summer


North West


Pacific Island or Pacific Island - War




Ravaged Capital



Ruinberg - War

Sand River

Scorpion Pass

Siegfried Line or Siegfried Line - War

South Coast









3.8.2. Tie break maps:



Ghost Town









3.9. In the cup phase, each team selects two maps for each week, and the matches ends after achieving 5 victories. All other rules of map selection remains the same.

3.10. It is allowed to play 4 matches on one map, if it was selected by both teams.

3.11. Once selected, map is blocked for the team for 2 weeks, and cannot be selected again during this time.

3.12. Maps with different variants, are treated as one map.

3.13. If a team fails to select a map on time, the map will be randomly selected for them by the admin team, using entropy generator on random.org website, and announced in the battle room. Randomised maps will be blocked for given team for 2 weeks, as they were their own.

3.14. Standard appointment for every match is herewith set to each Saturday, at 21:00. By mutual agreement teams can reschedule the match, within one match week [between 00:00 on Monday and 22:59 on Sunday, during the same week]. It is necessary to inform the admin team about rescheduling the match.

3.15. Each team has a right to be up to 10 minutes late to the match. After 10 minutes, the first battle is given to the opposing team. After another 5 minutes, next battle is given to the opponent. If total of 20 minutes has passed, the match is lost to the opponent with 3:0 score.

3.15.1. If a team has not completed at least 5 players in the match lobby, it is treated as a delay described above.  

3.16. No-show is treated as walkover, and there is no possibility to replay of the match.

3.16.1. Two no-shows in one season will be automatically punished by excluding the team from the Tournament.

3.16.2. Each team has a right, to surrender the match 3:0 / 5:0 without punishment, if the decision is announced in the match room at latest 24h before the planned start of the match.




4. League is providing a Discord Server, which is the only official source of information about the current events. Link to server:


4.1. After match ends, commander of the winning team shall report the score on a proper Discord channel, in the following form [example below]:


Prokhorovka @TEAMA 3:2 @TEAMB MINES @ADMIN

4.1. All the communication between rivals during the match week should only be restricted to the discord channel made for the specific match.

4.2. All dates and times will be given in a current timezone of the Republic of Poland




5. Before the start of the season, each team commander shall send the team roster to the users: PioreM or seba0502

5.1. Roster should contain:

-        Team name

-        Nickname and clan name of the commander

-        Nickname and clan names of other team members

5.1.1. Team members does not have to be a part of one clan, mixed teams are allowed. If the team is not affiliated with any clan, separate team member have to be provided. Admin team will tag all team members with a team tag, allowing easier communication.

5.2. Each team is allowed up to 3 changes in team roster during each season.

5.2.1. Allowed change is: adding a new team member, changing a nickname of existing member.

5.2.2. Added team member is not allowed to play in one, nearest match of his team, immediate to the announcement of the change.

5.3. Maximum of team members in each team: 14.

5.4. Maximum of teams in the League: 64. If the number of teams in the league will not exceed 32, two matches can be played between each pair in the group phase.




6. In case, if any team would drop off the Tournament, reserve team will be assigned to it’s place, alongside with a current score of given team. If no reserve team will fill in for a dropped off team, all past and future matches will be surrender with 3:0 / 5:0 score.




7. All disputes will be settled by the admin team. There is no appeal from their decision.

8. All teams has to contain at least one english or polish speaking member at Discord. Link to server: https://discord.gg/5BsrvMe



seba0502 #2 Posted 26 September 2017 - 03:44 PM


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