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Extreme Weather Maps

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Essentially what LuckySkillz said. By reducing view range, parts of the map that were formerly deathtraps open themselves up. Open terrain isn't quite as deadly as it used to be, and that creates new dynamics for where people can go and when. Parts of that map that are viable without the weather variant become less effective, and parts of the map that used to be locked down open up a bit more. Also, artillery and snipers now have to move closer to the front if they want to mitigate the penalties to radio range and effective spotting distance. Of course, the effect is proportional to the size of the map. When the 360 is eventually dropped (and no, this is not a call for it to be dropped), the maps will theoretically expand beyond what they currently are, which should (again, theoretically) give people enough experience playing these variants to more radically alter game play.


It doesn't play out that way though because render range remains the same, and radio range is not reduced enough. The only time you see radio range limit come into effect is when you are at completely opposite sides of the map and there are no tanks inbetween, which only tends to happen at the end of a match. Campers know all they need to do is sit back and wait for a team mate to do some spotting, and they wouldn't move forward anyway since being spotted means you will be hit by x number of tanks that you will have no chance of spotting back, even when they are firing.


These maps are broken.

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