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Spotlights in WoT

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AXELXu7 #1 Posted 09 November 2017 - 11:13 PM


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     So after hearing some arguments about view range and the prevalence of weather variant maps, whether the stats support people's love/hate/acceptance for them or not, I played through Kennedy's war recently and there's a weather variant level in that campaign. I bring it up because spotlights were fully functional on your vehicle. Implementing this in multiplayer could be a way of mitigating (some) people's problems with the game mode (bonus camo and poor visibility) and introducing night variants of maps. By pressing up on the D-pad, (currently unused on the default control scheme) you would be able to turn on a spotlight that raises your view range, but also raises the range at which you are spotted. 

This makes for more dynamic gameplay as heavily armored targets become watchtowers for spotting the spotters, allowing some give and take if your tank already has bad view range or poor camo rating when these maps are in rotation. This may have to come with an additional form of equipment or alteration to how camouflage nets work to balance it out, but I'm open to debate and criticism on the idea.

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