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T55AM2- A Czech Tier 8 Premium Proposal

Premium Tier8 T54 CzechPremium

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zikakiz #1 Posted 10 December 2017 - 07:26 AM


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   To start off, I would like to state I have zero experience with playing Czech Tanks but have read/watched up on them. In fact I don't even own a single Czechoslovakian tank so this is for all you Czech aficionados who desperately need a Tier 8 crew trainer that makes credits. 



    The T55AM2 should be THE Tier 8 Czech Premium (or even in the Tech Tree) solely based on the fact if you control f on the T-54/55 Wikipedia page the phrase "Czech", it comes up with 73 hits- 69 times more than the phrase "China" and only 70 times less than the phrase "Soviet" (no joke try it for yourself). This is because The T55AM2 is one of the many variants of the T55 Soviet MBT; in game representatives include T54 Proto, Type 59/WZ120), and T54. The T55AM2 is an advanced variant of the several thousand T55s built by Czechoslovakia in the cold war. I chose the T55AM2 to visually distinguish the tank from all the other T54 clones (China) and because it would bring variety to Tier 8 Mediums. The stats Ive shown are a heavily nerfed version of the real life tank as it is "balanced" as a tier 8. I have tried to balance it mostly by fitting it with a terrible engine, giving it terrible gun handling, and terrible ground resistances. I basically simulated the stats as if the tank was crewed by a terrible undertrained gunner and driver which it often was as the majority of T55AM2 operators were/are third world countries, so ""realism"".  Hell could even make it an Egyptian HMH tank and give it a desert paintjob and theme (M51 vs M4 Rev. as an example).



  • Regular Matchmaking (Up to Tier X)
  • 390m Viewrange 
  • 1480 Health 

Gun- D54 100mm derivative 

  • DPM: 1760 
    • Damage: 320
    • Rpm: 5.5
    • Reload Time: 10.9 s
  • Penetration: 210/248/50 (AP/APCR/HE)
    • Not very good pen, compensates for Alpha 
  • Accuracy: 0.37
    • Aim Time: 3 s
    • Gun soft stats should be very bad to balance out the damage


  • Hull: 100/80/45
    • 10mm Spaced Armour (Sideskirts) 
  • Turret: 200/120/50
    • 60mm of Spaced Armour around turret Base and 40mm above gun (IRL it is probably ERA but the game doesn't allow that so spaced armor because both Spaced and ERA are effective against HEAT). The spaced armor would pretty much bounce/absorb everything shot at it apart from T10 guns. 


  • Keeping the 56 kmh top speed but would need to have absolutely terrible round resistances and probably a very low P/W (<14) to balance the tank out; similar to the Super Pershing. Blame a bad quality engine in the in game description or somethin- e.g. "The T55AM2 is a Czech variant of the Soviet T55 medium tank exported in great numbers. The tanks has seen extensive service in Middle Eastern countries and is still in service by many countries. Many Middle Eastern T55AM2's were fitted with poor quality powerplants by operators to save costs."



(Open to criticism/feedback)







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Crazedtiger77 #2 Posted 10 December 2017 - 08:11 AM


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Eh, I don’t know how I feel about another T54/55 when it really isn’t necessary. I’d rather save clones for if they’re needed for say a Polish tree to work and anyhow, it makes no sense for a heavily modified and better T55 to precede the original T-54 1949 we have in game.


An alternative idea for a tier 8 premium would be the real T-50 described here http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/cz-tree-part-9-t-50.html with the D-10T, assuming WG don’t plan to swap the essentially fake tier 9 Škoda T-50 with it.

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