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How to report In-Game Physics Abuse

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SecndChance NoO #1 Posted 08 January 2018 - 08:06 PM


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Wargaming is aware that there are a few players out there that want to ruin everyone gaming experience. We understand how frustrating this can be as we have seen the same things in-game.


With your help, we can take actions on players like this and teach them un-sportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.


Limitations and Requirements to file a Physics abuse Support ticket:

XBox One, 360 and the PS4 all have limitations for player recording gameplay and because of these set limitations; we have modified our abuse policies to work with these available features.


In order to take action against a player like this, we will need video evidence of in-game harassment.

The addition of Repays will allow you to record the game from the beginning to end even after the match is over.
More information on how Server Replays work can be found here: 
Server Replays Guide


After you have recorded the actions, you would like support to look at, please submit a support ticket and provided us a link to where the video can be found: XBox DVR, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Once this video has been reviewed by our staff that is trained in handling Physics abuse for all of our products, they will take actions against these players. Please keep in mind; our team will only take steps against players when they have deemed this actions against Wargaming. Net’s TOS. Our staff will act in accordance with the TOS at their discretion, and our legal teams approve their decisions.


How to record full games on:

Xbox One: Capturing game clips and screenshots

PS4: Save and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos


Physics Abuse FAQ

What kinds of actions do you take when someone is reported?

If the player is found to be guilty of what is reported, their account will receive sanctions. If it is their very first offense, they will receive a warning. After that, future offenses will result in a “strike” being placed on their account and escalating game bans depending on how many offenses they have. After a player has accumulated 5 strikes, their account will be permanently banned.

  • Warning
  • First Strike – 1 day Game Ban
  • Second Strike – 3 day Game Ban
  • Third Strike – 7 day Game Ban
  • Fourth Strike – 30 day Game Ban
  • Fifth Strike – Permanent Game ban

*******For extremely severe violations, an account can be restricted to less than the above number of strikes, at the sole discretion of Wargaming employees. Wargaming reserves the right to review each situation and take the best action based on the individual details of the particular issue.


What are reportable actions that can be handled by support?

At this time, we can only take action against players that break the rules set in Wargaming’s Game EULA defined as Physics Abuse from our "Game Rules": 4. Inappropriate conduct in-game / Fair play principles section of our EULA.
The following actions are prohibited in-game:
* Intentionally bumping ramming, pushing vehicles belonging to a player on the same team to hinder any type of gameplay
* Intentionally blocking (blocking from the front and rear) vehicles belonging to a player on the same team.
* Intentionally propping (blocking on one side, where the other side of a user's vehicle touches a fixed indestructible obstacle, preventing free movement.) vehicles belonging to a player on the same team.
* Intentionally exploiting the physics system to damage an allied tank or similar actions. This includes, but is not limited to, pushing an allied tank into the line of fire, pushing allied tanks off of cliffs, bridges, into the water, etc.


I want to report a player for something other than physics abuse.

The following actions are tracked by our systems and sanctions are placed automatically:
* AFK/Passive Gameplay
* Intentional Suicide
* Team Kill
Support will not process these types of reports as the system in place already takes appropriate actions

for these actions automatically. Repeat offenders will have increased sanctions placed on their accounts and can lead to a permanent game ban.


I reported a player. Why do I see him still playing the game?

We give all players an opportunity to change their behavior before giving them along or permanent suspension from the game.  

  • If the player you reported had no previous offenses, they would only have received a warning.
  • If he/she had already received a warning, they may still have only received a short ban, based on how many strikes they had accumulated.  

****There are also cases where we examine the evidence, and it does not meet the standard for applying a sanction. If that were the case, the player would also still be playing.


Why can’t you tell me what actions were taken based on my report?

Our Privacy Policy protects information about our all of players’ accounts, including actions taken against them.  Information about actions that could have been taken against an account is only discussed with the account owner. While this may be frustrating, please know that we protect the information of your account in the same way. The privacy policy is there to benefit everyone.


Why do I have to send in a Video and you not just take my word or why won't you take a screenshot of this?

Please understand that we cannot simply punish a player without sufficient proof. We have no way of validating claims of what another player did or did not do in a game. If we were to punish players with written description or screenshots only, players looking to get a player they might not like banned could simply abuse this. On the PC version of the game, we also require evidence of in-game violations for us to take any action. Please do not take this as not us saying we do not believe you; this is us doing what is right for the equality of all players.


Use this Link to Submit a support ticket to report a Troll.



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