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Tank Art Report: wrong track link length British Bulldog Churchill VII

British Bulldog Churchill VII track links length incorrect

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Knot3D #1 Posted 16 January 2018 - 04:40 PM


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Hi WG, 


The visual updates with each new game code update are much appreciated. However, the visual quality and accuracy of your tank models is still somewhat inconsistent. 

This is especially disappointing if it concerns Premium tanks which have been paid for with real money. 


In this case I do not understand why the track link length on both the British Bulldog Churchill VII and its tech tree sibling are still incorrect

On the left you can see a real Churchill VII - on the right you can see the ingame British Bulldog. Obviously, the length of each track link is too short on the game model ; ergo, too many track links per side.

This is even moreso apparent because the track links which act like spaced armor on the hull & turret do feature the correct length.




In the next pic you can see my British Bulldog has been tracked - the left track has been shot. Strangely enough.... in the tracked state ; the track links seem to be the correct length. 

The next moment the track got fixed, the track links reverted back to their original state with the incorrect track link length.



This is probably a matter of track rigging on the model... but for the love of Winston Churchill... could you please correct the track link length so it looks like the real thing ?

( I'm on Xbox One S btw, but I've seen the same thing on PS4 )



best regards,



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