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Nerf change fix bugs tanks concept

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Biltwon #1 Posted 21 January 2018 - 10:36 PM


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I have compiled a list of things that in my opinion (as well as many others that I’ve brought it up with) could very easily help the game, and change it for the better.


Premium/spending money on the game:

     -Premium time = good

          - it is a source of income for wg and doesn’t hurt the game


     -Premium tanks = bad

          - with the exception of some that are absolutely trash, premium tanks 

             are usually OP and everyone knows it

          - because of their natural ability to be better, which is more or less 

            the whole point of them, some are just too OP, so they should get 

            balanced by either making them easier to kill by equal tier tanks, or 

            make them have not so OP guns

          - keep the same multipliers for silver on them tho. That isn’t broken 

            and is perfectly fine


     -Premium ammo

          - Bro WHAT?! Why is this even a thing????? The whole point of tank 

            warfare and by default WoT is to outflank your opponent if you don’t 

            have as good of a gun and/or armor. That’s what they did in WWII 

            when tank warfare was at its peak, that’s what it should be in the 


          - How do you call it premium ammo, and then allow it to be bought by 

            silver and not gold? If it’s “premium” then it should be bought just 

            like “premium” is bought.

          - again, WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING BRO. Tanks irl have 1 maybe 2 

             types of shells in their ammo racks. Realistically tho they just have 

             their primary ammo which is some sort of AP round to fire at 

             armored vehicles, and potentially a handful of HE to smack some 

             infantry. The concept of “oh  [edited]we’re bouncing on that enemy 

             tank and can’t pen him, let’s load up some PREMIUM 

             NONEXISTENT [edited]” does not exist in the real world. If you want a 

             good example of how to kill a superior tank to your own then watch 



Tank nerfs/buffs:

     - Light tanks :)

          - Since the newest console update that introduced the tier 10 light 




             SAME, IN SOME CASES VERY MUCH MORE, OP  GUNS cuz logic 

             dictates that a tank moving at 60kmph should easily hit a target at 

             50 meters and penetrate basically anywhere on its armor like it’s a 

             gloryhole right?


     - Artillery :)))))))))))))))

          - WHY ARE THEY IN THE GAME BRO. No one I’ve talked to can 

             validate this.

               - Is it cuz they were used to counter enemy armor?

                     - By that logic AT mines, AT trenches, non mobile artillery, AT 

                        grenades/rockets, and AT obstacles like the Czech hedgehog 

                        that everyone just drives over in the game already should be 

                        in, and affecting, the game also. 

               - Is it cuz they are on tank chassis and have tracks?

                    - By that logic half tracks and other tracked vehicles should be 

                       in the game as well.

          - THEY ARE WAY TOO OP

               - hit it with the nerf of the millennium, allow people to be aware

                  they’re being targeted by arty BEFORE THEY’RE ALREADY 1

                  SHOT AND DEAD, or allow people to choose game modes where 

                  there isn’t an arty. (I honestly believe everyone hates artillery. the

                  only people that want them are the people that use them which 

                  is a significantly smaller percentage of the population of the 



Concept time :D



     - Close your eyes and imagine a game of WoT where you could actually see tanks and not have to rely on spotting from teammates......

          - Do you see a tank quite literally across the map? Shoot at it.

          - Do you hit it and do damage? Probably not but there’s still the 

             option to do that.


               - Well idk about you but I can’t see through mountains to see 

                  where the enemy is going so that’s kinda the point of light tanks, 

                  to scout ahead of the unit and see where the enemy is going O.O

          - How do artillery shoot? (If they’re in the game)

               - Artillery can’t see tanks from a birds eye view irl. They shouldn’t 

                 be like that in the game either. Does it make it harder for arty, yes, 

                 but arty shouldn’t be easy to use. Artillery irl shoots and hopes 

                 based off of coordinates from a spotter. If they don’t hit they 

                 readjust based off the spotter and shoot again. If they don’t have 

                 someone relaying info to them then they’re really just peppering 

                 the area. (Yet another reason why arty shouldn’t be in the game)


Tank personnel:

     - Open air vehicles such as artillery (which again shouldn’t be in the 

        game) and some tank destroyers should have visible crew members. 

        All other tanks should have at least a commander in the top 

        commanders hatch.

          - If you want to shoot for a specific member of the crew then you can. 

             It may not be the most practical, but it’s an option at least. If you 

             know someone has a faster reload time than you then maybe take 

             out his loader.

          - Obviously for most tanks you still can’t see where the crew 

             members are but you can take out their commander and have it 

             significantly harder for them to operate.







This was typed typed up on notes so excuse the very crappy formatting I’m sorry :) 

Biltwon #2 Posted 21 January 2018 - 10:37 PM


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Let me know what you guys think. This is obv open to any and all discussion/argument

Muttz v2 #3 Posted 21 January 2018 - 11:53 PM


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im not your bro.

prem ammo used to cost gold but that was pay to win so now you can get it for silver which is good.

you cant have visable crew members dying in a game rated for 7 year olds. 

spotting works like it does as thats the only practical way to interrupt radio messages from friendly forces.


as for the rest, no. just no. 

Muttz v2 #4 Posted 21 January 2018 - 11:55 PM


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btw welcome to the forum and please fix your caps lock and font size.

Roger Stryker #5 Posted 22 January 2018 - 07:30 PM

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I do agree about the spotting thing. In my opinion, detection ought to only make a difference as to what is shown on the minimap, not what is rendered on your screen---similar to Battlefield, CoD, pretty much any other game... If something is there, it should be there---not just pop up when some mathematical formula says it's been spotted, and then disappear despite being right there when the same formula decides, wait, no, that isn't spotted. For reference, I really liked the way the spotting/rendering worked for the Revenant in the Halloween events; they're there, it's just up to you, the player, to recognize whether it's a target or just scenery...


As for ammo types---...


Premium ammo exists to simulate the variety of rare ammunition types that were available in small quantities during the war. During the course of WWII, development of other types of ammunition was increasingly important, for the sake of stop-gap measures before and as new guns were developed. When standard APHE (or just AP) became less effective, or understanding that they could at some point, the war departments and the munitions firms contracted by them proceeded to develop higher velocity loads, loads with non-standard projectiles, and combinations thereof.


Advancements lead to and included HEAT rounds which rely on shaped charges which create explosively formed penetrators (a stream of molten metal) to defeat their target, APDS and APFSDS which are saboted rounds with smaller caliber munitions which may have higher sectional density and do have much higher velocities for better penetration, HESH and HEP rounds which rely on sheer explosive force generating a shockwave which is transmitted through the armor to create significant spalling and concussion within the vehicle without penetrating the armor, as well as more aerodynamic rounds such as those with a ballistic cap which could be more accurate and more effective at longer ranges.


It wasn't WG's intention that these rounds be spammed, I don't think, but that they should be available to serve the purposes that they did in reality, that they should be present as they were in reality (and as an additional source of income for them). As for premium ammo being available without spending gold---...well, the prices in silver are fairly high anyway, so they do retain some amount of premium status, same as the premium consumables (which, for better or worse, might also be available for silver?), unless you just happen to have a ton of silver to shoot away.


As for artillery---...


For one thing, I think you and most other people are completely off-base and very badly mistaken about how many people run artillery, how they run it, and how 'easy' it is to run well. From what I've seen, the vast majority of people run artillery just as often as they run any other vehicle class, perhaps a little less as there are fewer choices for artillery compared to tanks, and treat it just as another different type of vehicle that takes a different skillset to use effectively, just as a light tank or TD does. They'll play one vehicle, then another, then another, partly to complete the tech tree, partly because another vehicle is locked up in battle or no longer has the daily bonus on it, and partly just because it's something different.


For another thing, I would not be alone in fondly welcoming the addition of suitable half-tracks and even armored cars to the game. Half-tracks have historically been fitted with almost as wide a variety of weapons systems as other armor pieces have, and armored cars have also come close. American and German companies produced the widest varieties of half-tracks, including variants fitted with heavy guns (75mm, 105mm) for use as tank destroyers, (75mm, 105mm, possibly even larger guns) for use as self-propelled artillery pieces, and lighter guns (.50 caliber, 20mm, 37mm, possibly others) for use as self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery units, with some guns being fitted in double mounts and some in quadruple mounts, with possibility of some being mounted in triple instead. Some half-tracks were even fitted out as rocket artillery (which would be interesting to see), not to mention flamethrowers (which we can forget mentioning). Others still were used as mortar carriers (81mm) and could serve as the weakest of light artillery. Likewise, armored cars during the second world war came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and mounted guns ranging between .30 caliber (which we can forget mentioning), .50 caliber (which would be the lowest I'd consider functional in-game), 20mm, 37mm, 40mm, and even larger, up to 50mm, 75mm, even as large as 90mm in some rarer or more recent designs, with some serving strictly as reconnaissance vehicles, but others being capable tank hunters.


As for the artillery units being OP---what do you think happens to a tank when it takes a direct hit to the thinner, weaker armor on the top, from a gun lobbing big, heavy, 150+mm shells? If they take a hit from something like that, they're generally toast. Does it happen that way very often? Eh, no, maybe not---but it can, and when it does, artillery usually doesn't get the credit, because who was able to watch the artillery shoot something some miles away? When or if a tank took a catastrophic hit from an artillery piece, it often would get reported as someone getting lucky with a satchel charge, or an unseen AT gun, as nobody suspects the armored field artillery battalion, even when they should. As for the lighter artillery in the lower tiers---...seriously, just leave'em be. If certain units in the middle to higher tiers need to be adjusted individually, that's the way to do it---individual adjustments, not class-wide invalidation.


Now, as for giving people fair warning when they're being targeted, even by artillery---fine by me. That's how it worked before, right? I could live with it then, I could live with it now---even if I do dislike the idea as much as I do scope glint in FPS games. At the same time, I also would not be entirely opposed to changing how artillery targets things. 'Removal' or reworking of the 'satellite view' is actually something I'd like to see, replacing it with something like a map with dynamically displayed information, much like the current map---display location of spotted enemy units in a manner not unlike how actual artillery crews get target position data...

LevelStream18 #6 Posted 22 January 2018 - 09:52 PM

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About lights, I noticed you don't have any tier 10 lights or mediums. I have 1 tier 10 light and 3 tier 10 mediums, and the meds are vastly better. Lights have speed and camo, but meds have more armor, better DPM, the same or better alpha, better pen, better accuracy, and in some cases (bizarrely) better view range. With current map meta, the lights aren't able to use their advantages effectively, and most of the time tier 10 mediums are better.

Broken Digger #7 Posted 22 January 2018 - 11:53 PM


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Stopped reading when you quoted 'Fury' as tactical doctrine. A great movie, but Hollywood.

Stryker covered most points very well. So no need to go back over them.

As for only one or two natures of main armament ammunition in the rack in real life like you said,  my tank IRL typically rolled out with 3, but there were 5 different types available.
APDS, HESH, HEAT, Cannister and Splintex.
3 Anti Armour rounds, 2 Anti Personnel rounds. As for HE to smack the infantry, I'd rather use the CO-AX unless they were in hard cover.

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