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War stories - Last man standing

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deathtoll68 #21 Posted 26 February 2014 - 04:41 AM


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Some of my best battle stories have been in beta.

One was in my wolverine in sand river.

It was me and another tank destroyer and a heavy at the enemy base.I was attempting to flank and give support fire as the rest of my team made the final push, but as i sit and wait on the river bed crossing I notice, one by one, my team eating dust.All of a sudden its just me and them.I start to back up to head to the base to defend there and not watching what I was doing when I fall into a ditch and get stuck.Just then the enemy heavy on the base decides to head to our base and detects me.I'm sure i'm a goner.His glacias peeks over the lip of the ramp and I shoot reflexively. He stops dead in his tracks, Tracked.Me still fully expecting to die and surprised when I don't.I all of a sudden notice that he does not have the depression to zero me.I quickly hit his other track to keep him tracked then unload my next shot on his exposed underbelly.takes maybe 6 shots all together but I take him out.at this time the t.d. shows up behind me and shoots but misses.I fire and game over.



deathtoll68 #22 Posted 26 February 2014 - 04:48 AM


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I developed a useful tactic in my t18 that has served me several times in battle.


I discovered this particular tactic in a Malinovka battle.I am on the ridge over the water sniping from the bushes with my howitzer and doing quite well.I have team mates in the woods so feel rather safe at the moment.

Im sniping away when all of a sudden I get 2 quick hits.I click my mini map and see a light a ways behind me, he must have had a rapid fire gun with two shots left as he has not fired again and he's headed right for me.Luckily I have 100 octane loaded and he has merely given me maybe 10 points.I turn and run.He of course give chase.I see him in persuit and he is slowly catching up but not having a lot of luck hitting me dead on.I hit the reverse and he zips past me.He obviously had his cruise on.I swing my gun and shoot.Gone.


I have done this a few times since then.You gotta be quick. 

xXMORTYonA40Xx #23 Posted 26 February 2014 - 06:07 AM


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on the pc version i was the amx13f3 (tier 6 french arty) i was the last tank on mountain pass, at me usual out of site spot around J4,  I fought off 2 scouts a kv3, and a t29 all at about 3/4 health, ended up with TG, and a few other tinky medals

Mathias OSX #24 Posted 26 February 2014 - 03:49 PM


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My first Pool's Medal

Map: Widepark

Tank: T-14

Game Teir: V

Server: Europe

Date: Wednesday, 25th February


Starting at the south it appeared that my team was halfway competent splitting nicely. I headed to the bridge and end up taking position inside a wrecked building with line of fire through the arcs. I stayed their hull down firing at anyone who dared move under the bridge or showed themselves through the arches. Two HE rounds inflict a little damage but otherwise all return fire bounces off like rain. Eventually Everything infront of me is dead and I pause to take stock of the situation. I have 3 kills but I find my team have just all died with the exception of a lone M3 Stuart and there are 9 enemies left. Fortunately I was just in time to see that most the enemies were over in the east. 

I quickly poke under the bridge with the Stuart loading a HE shell as I go hoping to spot the arty. I do and a slightly rushed shot later he's wrecked just before he could get into cover.

I now head back to my teams cap while the stuart heads to the enemies.

Reaching the cap I spot an enemy M3 Stuart and a Marder both of which scurry away before I can bring my gun to bear.

Then a Churchill appears to my right. In the upper stories of a wrecked building and so hull down but with only 56hp. knowing the lousy penetration of my tanks gun I load an APCR round as he shift around apparently trying to get an angle on me. By the time he does I'm loaded and aimed. 5 Kills

Unsure where to go next I roll forward the central railway ridge. Just in time for a M3 Lee to come barreling round the corner Two shots later he joins the growing list of casualties Top gun. At this point I notice that the friendly Stuart had gotten a kill and is now capping. Then a Hetzer drives out practically in front of me. I couldn't miss. 7 kills. Then as if he's in a hurry to die the enemy M3 Stuart rushes round the corner ahead just like the Lee. The result is the same 8 kills. As I kill him though an P.Z. 38 n.A rolled up on the ridge and started shooting my Stuart friend interrupting the cap. He was to be my next target when I was penned from the rear. The Marder had returned. Loading a HE shell in attempt to kill it in one shot I turned around fired and hit it's gun but failed to kill it. Quickly he retreated before my second HE round was loaded.

However the n.A. Was still on the ridge with his rear facing me. He managed to kill my Stuart friend but the He round left him on 30 odd health and he quickly dived over the other side of the ridge. I would have chased after him had I not spotted an M4 to my right. Reacting quickly I got lucky as he bounced off my turret I managed to put a shot into him before he hid.

I started chasing him down when the n.A. popped up and started shooting me in the rear. With HE. Ignoring the light tank that was attempting to tickle me to death I rolled up behind the building the M4 was behind and added him to my score.

I then turned back to head along the railway in time for the cap siren to go off. Spotting the n.A. I rolled along the tracks and quickly dispatched him before heading back to the cap. However the Marder quickly vacated the cap and I was forced to give chase before finally killing him though not before he had managed to put a few shots through my MG port.

End result. 11 Kills, Pool's Medal, Steel Wall, Top Gun, Sniper and just over 2100 Damage dealt

Rewards: 2055 EXP (Undoubled and without premium) and 53K credits 

Activist7un #25 Posted 04 March 2014 - 02:24 AM


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Alhambra117 #26 Posted 09 March 2014 - 09:22 AM


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T-18 match on Province, starting on B9 side, absolute epic game. Me and a Pz 35 were the last two tanks on the team against 4 enemy tanks. Already got 2 kills and a possible Confederates medal, shooting at anything in sight, Pz decides to scout, ends up stuck behind two houses pinned by enemy TD's, a Panzer II and a Vickers Medium II. I make my way up the track from E4-C3 and rush their tanks on the ridge. As I blast the enemy Pz Jag I in the [edited], setting him on fire, then the enemy T-18 charges my ally Pz and kills him. I then ammo rack the Medium II and finish him before he can turn his turret. The Pz II only has a flak gun, and I have the best non-howitzer gun on the T-18, so I back up and kill him at range. Only the enemy T-18 left, and he has the Howitzer, so I wait for him to expose his tracks, track him and he uses a repair kit. I then hit his gun when he comes back around, and when he tries to shoot me he destroys the wall in front of me. I then charge down the cliff, taking around 20 damage from the fall and damage my tracks, by the time I'm around the back of him he's realised I moved and I become detected, I rush a shot at him and track him, then take a second shot into his rear, killing him.

Top Gun, Steel Wall and Confederate, unlock t-82 in two days of all upgrades unlocked and decide to keep it, buying camo and customisation options for it, and buying a new slot just to allow me to keep it. Kilroy will ride to fight again!

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OneSpike #27 Posted 19 March 2014 - 08:15 PM

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Had a great day today in a derp hetzer on Widepark.  I park on the far east side of the map on the railroad bank looking up.  A Lee pokes his head over - 1 shot, 1 kill.  Next a light plays peek-a-boo.  His second look-over and I one-shot him - 1 shot, 2 kills.  Next another derp hetzer makes a run at me and as he passes over the ridge, I shoot him in the belly - 1 shot, 3 kills.  A light on my team comes next to me and spots over the ridge - 4 tanks all bunched up and afraid to come over.  Another TD - I think a T-40 - comes over after the light and I one-shot him - 1 shot, 4 kills.  The light gets taken out and I roll up to the top of the ridge. I spot an M4 on the far side of the square with his back to me aiming at the cap point (my team had busted through the west side since there were 8 OPFOR on this side of the map).  Again - 1 shot, 5 kills.  I rotate left and another t-40 is on the train tracks about 200 yds away looking at their flag (my team was capping it) - 1 shot, 6 kills. I turn back and a chieftan is backing towards me behind a building, but just as the reticle shrinks, we cap their base.  In all, top gun, reaper x5, and 3x the damage of anyone else on my team.

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