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About to 3 Mark the Archer...and then

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PairedCreator91 #1 Posted 13 February 2018 - 03:45 PM


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Had some good games in my Archer over the weekend and was on the verge of 3 marking her...then all of a sudden shots are going off at weird angles,  going in the dirt, hitting square causing no damage without a message saying "Just dinged them" or "that shot ricocheted"


I am not sure if it was lag or what or just some algorithm that kicks in to deny you a 3 mark :) because after that the map rotation was putting me on Ravaged Capital and other unfriendly Archer maps.


It was enough for me to log out and have a drink...I'm sure it was lag...but just had to vent a little since the wife doesn't understand :)

TeichMegagamer #2 Posted 13 February 2018 - 03:50 PM

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Happened to me yesterday in my A-44 trying to get the second gun mark. At 84.74% the RNG really hit me hard. Just like you I guess. :D

Don't give up. Just switch tanks for one or two games and try to think of something else than that third mark.


This also happens to me every time I am grinding. The last 5k experience needed are a horror.

Tips to improve your skill


JTank97 #3 Posted 13 February 2018 - 03:51 PM


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The game has a tendency to screw you over once you’re near a MoE - methinks it’s on purpose. If this many people complain about this sort of crap happening once they near their 2nd or 3rd mark ... :sceptic:

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