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kingrich06 #21 Posted 03 March 2018 - 02:39 AM


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the patton actually moved from the spawn point..has mileage on his post game stats.


the wz132 looks like they didnt even spawn in.

the best way to verify is for WG to look at their DB and see how many matches from last 100 or so matches are 0 mileage and see if it is a constant issue.

if there is a couple of matches where player doesnt move, it could be lag or other issues.. but a good percentage of 100 matches ..then you know there is something fishy.


FYI there was a guy who bypassed this AFK leveling by putting a rubber band around joystick and a roll of quarters on buttons..  match would automaticallly restart and their tank would automatically go in circles to make it look like they moved from spawn or suicide


the only way IMO to catch people is not an automated syssstem to but a proactive one... once a reported afk player is sent in to WG, they should simpley check the database for X amount of afk infractions and stats.  Once this is established, just watch the player in some of their matches .. then they can go about with warnings and bans...   


 apart from this policing there is noway to 100% tell if a player is trully afk leveling, lag issue or mommy calling them to get off their console lol.

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marinefish666 #22 Posted 03 March 2018 - 03:07 AM


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They need to have minimum shot and mileage to help find AFK tanks.

If they are going to be penalized the game can flash something on the screen to get their [edited]moving!


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