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Earn Ops, Competitions, & War Chests

Final IV Tank Madness Earn Ops Player Base

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DaLuckyDawg #1 Posted 03 April 2018 - 08:17 PM

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After playing for about 9 months and participating in a number of these ops and competitions I am starting to feel like I am "crossing over" to the saltier side of the seasoned player base.  I am not a great player but can hold my own in most battles/tiers. After this latest debacle in the Tank Madness Final IV I have some thoughts/observations.


As a disclaimer...I know that China won and congrats to them.  My comments do not have anything to with those that played for the winner.  I understand math and the rules. These are just observations:


Earn Ops - +1 - Like grinding the TT, I have complete control over my effort and the result.  I have an AC 4 Exp, Cromwell B, ISU-130, Fatherland, etc. that were dependent on only my time and ability.


Competitions -1 - Had over 20 completions for USA in the TankBowl and now 15 for Germany in Final IV with basically nothing to show for very similar efforts.  Much like the challenges of the on field battle and relying on teammates then end result is often frustration and disappointment.


War Chests - ? - This is like having free scratch offs from the lottery - Anything is better than nothing but for those who generate a large volume of these things and never get a tank the novelty and excitement turns to negative.  I am neutral on this as I generated tons of these over the past few months and finally got tanks in the Luck of the Irish Op.


So, which events do you prefer and why? Or, what do you dislike and why?  What changes would you make?

TeichMegagamer #2 Posted 03 April 2018 - 08:25 PM


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I really dislike competition based ops. If I do like 20 completions I want to get something in return. Sure you get a war chest but 1 day of prium is not worth the time spent. There should be more rewards for players that really play a lot.


War chest are nice. Most of the time it's a day of premium, but if they are handed out frequently it's ok.


Best thing for me are the earn ops (as long as they're not luck based). I know what I have to do to get a certain thing. No RNG no bad luck.

We already have enough RNG in this game.

Tips to improve your skill


Coupdeteat #3 Posted 03 April 2018 - 08:26 PM


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I really am a fan of ops based on personal performance.

these ops where my rewards can be negatively impacted by other players is complete garbage. Maybe if I could choose my team mates.

Ops based on random rewards are pretty rough too. 

Ops with recycled prizes are kinda pointless. 

Also month long ops are kinda annoying, 1 weekend, maybe 2, but if I really have no control over the outcome it’s pointless to drag it out so long. 

Thanks for the place to vent for a moment...

Zxyphos #4 Posted 03 April 2018 - 08:26 PM


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Win or lose, I like them all to be honest. I like the different rules and regulations involved as it breaks up the monotony of the everyday play. 

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