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Clash of Titans: Soviet and Chinese On Track Events Live Now

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Nicholas Sapien #21 Posted Today, 02:47 PM


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View PostRaiBOT01, on 20 April 2018 - 08:39 AM, said:

Portal updated with prize information :) 


is the surprise better than a tank?


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MASHMAN 90 #22 Posted Today, 02:48 PM


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  • Aaaand another surprise (not a tank though) after the event!

^ Meh, why did i pick China then :(


Sorry to say but been frustrated by the Op all day and hoped a Free Chinese Tank would ease the pain but as no tank is available, i'm going to stop now with the event. Tanks has always been a Bonus to me and while i'm forever grateful for the rewards (Past, Present or Future), the Medal System annoys me greatly as had to yolo against a bunch of tanks just to try for a Sniper Medal. If it was the Old 5-3-1 System then i would have gladly continued, i know i'll only get more annoyed as time will go on with this Op and Tanks is meant to be fun so one to skip out on which is a shame as the concept had so much promise to be a true Champion of Champions Event.

Would have even settled for a Fake Chinese Tier 3 and for Russia, something like a T-127 or a Raisinai.





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ATHFjman18 #23 Posted Today, 02:59 PM


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View PostNicholas Sapien, on 20 April 2018 - 09:47 AM, said:


is the surprise better than a tank?



Doubt it. Can’t imagine what it could be...


Best case scenario they are War Chests that’ll allow for the possibility for a free tank.


 Worst case scenario it’s some dumb Medal no one will care about. 

wamjr1971 #24 Posted Today, 03:25 PM


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I have been finding alot of tanks camping grinding the tank play to a halt I think I will start to play some lights 

and start wreaking some havoc on some of these campers

AngryArcadeNerd #25 Posted Today, 03:31 PM


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View PostATHFjman18, on 20 April 2018 - 05:59 PM, said:


 Worst case scenario it’s some dumb Medal no one will care about. 


MegaB0B0 #26 Posted Today, 03:43 PM


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wonderful ... not a tank.. that is a big surprise indeed..? 

My two cent in the surprise? How about something different?  A premium crew, one that can be moved between tech tree tanks without need of paying the gold? Yeah that is something different... indeed :) special champion crew reward would make players do their best for... imagine training that champion to the max... but hey thats breaking the game ecosystem design...?


me and a few others have came up with premium dual crew trainers historically accurate and easy to reskin for the event. 

Yet the scapegoat marketing department fail to even come up with a BT-7 with an ugly paint job... what the hack? 

where is the imagination?

where is the long term planning?

the hardest scoring system to date but the most disappointing reward?

Suddenly WGCB caught up with Bungie in the planning and imagination department for their live service game....   


I expect lights going up and down this weekend ... i be trying my luck with my heavies... and TD as usual... but. i have little hope in getting a contribution ... cause here is no incentive to do so for those with 50 plus tanks in the garage ...

That one bounced... WTF..not at 100m and not twice in a roll and not on the side of a Walfe-100 with a BL-10!!!

DUD3 L3B0W5KI #27 Posted Today, 04:20 PM


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Wow. Such a disappointment. Glad we got sunshine in Germany so i know what i will do instead.

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Papax 2112 #28 Posted Today, 05:21 PM


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View PostPapax 2112, on 16 April 2018 - 11:46 AM, said:

At least the On tracks are always on....so they aren't taking up an op slot....Thanks for that 



UNNNND; Now the platoon one is ........Whut , I vanna be ina platoon , buuut I dun vant the boost.....:teethhappy::facepalm:

FragMasterJones #29 Posted Today, 05:43 PM


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View Postleova, on 16 April 2018 - 03:38 PM, said:




Be the #1 damage dealer on your entire TEAM - one single point


cap a base? 3 points


yolo suicide-scout? FIVE POINTS




Definitely a poor way to setup a points system - what was wrong with "Do good, get pts?" simple positional-points-systems....??



BTW, a suicide scout would be EXTREMELY unlikely to receive a Patrol Duty medal.


A Scout medal & Patrol Duty medal are Very different.

You don't even need to be the first to Scout any of the enemies for a Patrol Duty medal, but you have to be the Only one able to see an enemy when a teammate has a successful damaging hit & this has to occur for at least 6 different enemies.


One thing that a Patrol Duty medal does have going for us in this op is that you can get one in a battle that becomes a loss;

Where as for a Scout medal you have to be the first to scout 9+ enemies in a Win,

but you can get that without getting ANY sighted target hits, which provides only a small benefit to your team. 


When you get a Patrol Duty medal you have provided significant scouting benefit to your team, making the 5 points received pretty reasonable.

NO points are received for a Scout medal.


Happy Tanking,



HuskieSnow104 #30 Posted Today, 06:03 PM


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Not even gonna play this event, I highly disagree with the average Completion Rate but I can understand why they do it, but China is gonna win cause more people are gonna pick Russia, and way less are gonna be China. And China will have the advange over Russia... And to top it off no tank? This would have been great to introduce tier premium tank reward. Whelp till the next event then.

Szympus1194 #31 Posted Today, 07:03 PM

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Not going to bother about this whatsoever.

Geralt of rivia and monster hunting awaits ;)

leova #32 Posted Today, 08:57 PM


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View PostRaiBOT01, on 20 April 2018 - 09:39 AM, said:

Portal updated with prize information :) 


Just XP Boosts and Food? :(

Block Quote


If Team USSR wins...

  • 10 Nation Specific Food Consumable (Soviet)
  • 3 Flag Vouchers
  • (5) x2 Silver Boosts
  • (5) x3 XP Boosts
  • (5) x4 Crew XP Boosts
  • Aaaand another surprise (not a tank though) after the event!

If Team China wins...

  • 10 Nation Specific Food Consumable (Chinese)
  • 3 Flag Vouchers
  • (5) x2 Silver Boosts
  • (5) x3 XP Boosts
  • (5) x4 Crew XP Boosts
  • Aaaand another surprise (not a tank though) after the event!


What a waste of an event.... 

At least offer like a T3 or T4 tank for newer players!

Meltheacin #33 Posted Today, 11:02 PM

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Now knowing what all there is to be won in this "event", the level of fail is incredible. I'll put aside my views of how long time players feel and focus on new players, the thing this game needs. First, instead of points being won by rankings, they went with medals. Most new players don't know much about medals but they at least place in end battle result rankings. Even with a loss, they could still earn points, with the ranking system, which encourages them to continue. Second, this event encourages platooning. What can be more fun than going into a match and get stomped on by platoons. Hell, if your new, chances are you won't be doing any platooning. I'm not going to start a rant about platoon logic in this statement. Lastly, the rewards. A new player wouldn't really know how to effectively use these items. As for the surprise reward, other games have events going on and they tell you upfront what the rewards are so why bother do this and just get disappointed. While some may say that this event isn't for new players, it highly discourages new players to play because of the bad experiences they will face from it. We need fresh players and not scare them away.




With that commentary done with, I'll address the problem about these rewards. If you're going to implement a event in which to gain points is through tedious game play, that can be made harder when your team crumbles faster from being killed by platoons or idiot teammates rushing, you better have something good... these rewards are not worth it. Having a surprise reward makes it all that much worse. The incentive to go out of your way to get a reward that isn't specified but isn't a tank either, is not there. Why would someone spend so much time for something they know nothing about, when they could easily play a different game that's letting them know what they will be getting? This is just a terrible idea for a weekend. Typically, you could just ignore the event and play normally but the way to get points in it will affect everyone and not simply those who are trying to do the event.


These are just my opinions but I feel I'm not the only one who sees it this way.


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