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Everyone's thoughts on the King Dragon Type-59?

King Dragon Type-59 Type 59 King Dragon Type-59 King Dragon Type 59

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Vampire_Izumi #1 Posted 11 May 2018 - 07:57 PM


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everyone who has a king dragon, what do you think about the tank? is there anything about the tank you would like to see improved? is it fun in tier 10 battles?


just thought i would ask these questions since, i like the tank a lot and like the look of it and wondered if people shared some opinions the same as mine about the tank.


My Thoughts on this tank:

it is a very fun tank that hits hard and is very mobile, but there are a few things that i dislike about this tank.

what i like about it:

  1. the gun- it hits hard doing a average of 390 wile still having good accuracy and gun handling.
  2. the turret- this turret bounces shells very well and rotates quickly.
  3. Mobility- moves around the map very quickly and able to reach it's top speed very quickly (56kph)
  4. wrong tank information- a lot of people who see this tank think it is just the regular type 59 with the 100mm and deem you as less of a threat.
  5. Premium Bonuses- unlike most of the other tanks with a Crew EXP bonus, this tank keeps it's Silver bonus! 57% silver, 15% EXP, 30% Crew EXP.
  6. Credit Printer- makes a lot of credits.
  7. carries a LOT of ammo! (explains why there are a ton of ammo racks :D)

what i Dislike about it:

  1. ammo rack- weaker than glass, most hits to your ammo rack have a good chance of detonating it, does not help that half your right side is ammo racks.
  2. Tier 10 Matches- this tank can do stuff in these matches, but you still feel pretty useless and most tier 10s ruin you very quickly.
  3. hull armor- the upper plate oftenly gets penned by tier 7+ unless at extreme angles. (idk about tier 6 since i barely see them)
  4. arty- i have been 1 shot/ lost 1000 HP by arty, so be VERY careful of where you decide to sit, because this tank takes arty very badly.


in my opinion i think this tank is a great and fun tank, the only things i hate when i play this is, tier 10, Arty and the ammo rack. this is a tank i recommend buying.

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