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So I got my first ever Kolobanov's Medal...

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Beta582 #1 Posted 05 June 2018 - 04:41 PM


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... and it wasn't even that great of a game (at least the start of it).


Started the match getting spotted in spawn and pegged by artillery (leaving me on less than 400 health) on Cliff. Then I had quite a few shots completely derp out. Considered just yolo'ing to end my suffering once I saw the team start to collapse. Ended up sticking it out and standing alone against a T-54, ISU-130, M6A2E1, M40/M43, and M53/M55. Constantly stayed on the move to prevent arty from being able to finish me off working the F3/F4 area. Got the jump on the M6A2E1 (located at E6) and was able to put a couple shots into him to finish him off. Shortly afterwards caught the T-54 up by the lighthouse and put 2 shots into him to finish him off. Had a near miss from the M53/55 from the Green spawn at the south (clever bugger) so relocated to E3 after getting undetected. Caught the ISU-130 coming around the corner at D5 and took one shot to finish him off (he only had 58 health left) then zipped back to the ridgeline at G3 to try and get the jump on the M53/M55 (caught him at about H1 moving back to the Red spawn) and put two quick shots into him to finish him off then dove behind the mountain at F3/F4 to prevent getting shot by the M40/M43 (camping around A1/A2). Knew he was up there so moved up the 4 line to try and get the jump on him and detected him making a run for it at B1/C1. One shot into him did not finish him off and he got a shot off narrowly missing me before retreating behind a building. Waited until I was undetected to try and flank around up the hill at A2/B2 to get the jump on him and succeeded finishing him off for the win.


Started off as a very poor match and ended up being quite the clutch win. Can't be unhappy about that one eh?


End game screenshot (Warning: Large picture):




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GameWinner_001 #2 Posted 05 June 2018 - 05:03 PM


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IBROX 04 #3 Posted 05 June 2018 - 06:07 PM


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Congrats Beta.

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killer etzi0 #4 Posted 05 June 2018 - 06:27 PM


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great results OP, and another example of why it's important to not give up, no matter how bad things are going, one never knows when RNG will decide to smile on you.

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RUNNINGDUDE1 #5 Posted 05 June 2018 - 06:41 PM


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Damn fine job

Willen #6 Posted 06 June 2018 - 08:37 AM


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Nice job!

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