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Why is WOT changing and not for the best?

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NordicWorrior88 #1 Posted 16 June 2018 - 02:14 AM


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This game has been one if my long time favorites I played it almost exclusively until today. But now I've realized this is no where near a real game. It is a all downloadable game like a phone. Nowhere near Unicom after owning more than a few tier 10 tanks. I will be deleting and turning away from this game like so many others. The makers of this game most likely will delete this post. I hope they read it. And die there issues. What a wonderful game until they took all the skill out of it. Now it is pay to lose and let the computer determine a 38% failure then tell u it's a 51% win rate. Please fixe.. I have been around since this game has started do not destroy it lime this I know WG is Having issues, but that is because you messing with it too much. Thank u.

Lost_Horizons_ #2 Posted 16 June 2018 - 03:29 AM

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Sad truth, all the veterans are quitting the game and for valid reasons. I bet you're going to trigger a lot of the noobies who think WGC is doing an amazing job lol. 

ACS138 #3 Posted 16 June 2018 - 05:04 AM

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Sorry to see you go, but I still love this game. Hope you find another game that's fun soon!
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Mavrick247 #4 Posted 16 June 2018 - 10:12 AM

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No not all vets are leaving lol and to op yes sometimes it seems like your destined to have a tough day tanking but you do get The flip side and have them amazing days .





DaLuckyDawg #5 Posted 16 June 2018 - 12:25 PM

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View PostMavrick247, on 16 June 2018 - 05:12 AM, said:

No not all vets are leaving lol and to op yes sometimes it seems like your destined to have a tough day tanking but you do get The flip side and have them amazing days .

^^^^Exacrlty.   Yesterday had one of my worst win rates ever but personally performed pretty well and had fun doing it.  Some days you are the windshield and some days you are the bug.   But it sure beats being at work.

VKSheridan #6 Posted 16 June 2018 - 05:30 PM


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Good luck OP.  At some point all of us will move on.  It’s inevitable.

steelheadclan #7 Posted 19 June 2018 - 09:29 PM


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game still rewards skill. 


Certaily seems harder to have decent win rate. 


test777777 #8 Posted 30 July 2018 - 09:36 AM


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View Poststeelheadclan, on 20 June 2018 - 05:29 AM, said:

game still rewards skill. 

Not in all things equally. Number and Type of rewards aren't directly proportional to skill.  

It is more likely to relate to the standard of competition.

Did you know that for me, my level of competition seems to scale with my skill? It may even go slightly the other way. I used to be greenish.

Now when When I was a newish tanker,  I earned a true Kolobonov for destroying 5 enemy vehicles  when several of them could have taken me out due to them being higher tier than me and me being on low health and me not playing skillfully. RNG, Luck, Lady luck - there suckering me in. I even managed to get a 6 for when bottom tier in one game.


Since that game though, I've been gaining skill but even as a very skillful  player I don't get too many rewards.  I know right, my WN8 isn't purple, I don't have many medals how skillful could I possibly be, but that's exactly what i'm talking about. the game doesn't reward me for my skill and luck makes me look bad. . My  WN8 is a measure of the standard of competition that I'm involved with more so than my general lack of Skill.   Luck plays a part in the standard of competition which I face and for me. No matter if I shift time zones or days that I play  Lady luck relentlessly has me playing with players who's level of skill is typically Top 200-300 with RNG thrown in for good measure to ensure that I maintain  nice yellow stats.  Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, there's some super unicum player thinking she's heaps more skillful than me because she competes at the easiest level, clocks up purple stats and gets loads of rewards. Good for her, she's probably right next door to the servers too so never experiences lag, and that's clearly pure luck!


Yes, my tongue is firmly in my cheek but there is an element of seriousness with the idea that our WN8 value used to measure that latent variable of skill doesn't consider the standard of competition each player competes with.  It assumes all players participate in competition which has roughly the same number of good, bad and the ugly which may or may not be true. 


To NordicWarrior88 - I'm sorry, that the game is no longer fun for you and you'll be moving on.

Good luck and god bless wherever you find yourself.







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Xenith_Inc #9 Posted 19 August 2018 - 10:11 PM


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OP - having multiple tier X tanks is no indicator of being unicum. Quite the opposite, in fact, since you've been playing in new tanks more often.

Go back down the tech tree to tanks you play and do well in. Keep doing that, if your stats are the thing you enjoy the most about the game

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choppermeir #10 Posted 25 September 2018 - 11:48 AM


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I'm triggered 
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