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Volunteers for YouTube video [PS4!]

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John-berg1995 #1 Posted 12 July 2018 - 09:36 PM


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I'm doing a music video type video for world of tanks console. what I need are people who own specific tanks that would be willing to help with the video. I can't afford to pay anyone but I would gladly Credit you in the video!

[PS4] only

Tanks I need in the video:


  • Is7 x 2
  • T-10
  • Is-3
  • IS
  • Kv1s
  • Kv-1
  • (Any autoloading tank, perferably waffentrager auf e100, T57 heavy)
  • any fast firing light tank



I technically only need 1 other person to help but they would have to own ALL of the above tanks so that's to much to ask. I realisticly need 3 volenteers 


If you might be interested in this project. Please. consider adding me on PS4 (John-berg1995) 


It will be fun! And stress free. the shots are very basic. Since the replay system exists. You join. Do basic movements such as just driving. Maybe looking around. And I can go back through and edit the camera how I want it. 


I will say however. The is-7 and is-3 are the stars of the show so to speak. So I will be using them alot. The rest will be used once 


Again my PSN IS (John-berg1995)


Message me (:

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