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Incorrect T95 Hit box? Hull magically behind treads?

xbox bug video

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Stopher Sylvia #1 Posted 06 August 2018 - 10:19 AM


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So a funny thing happened and I used it in a video, but figured I would report it just in case something can/should be done about it.


Basically, I shot a T95 in the treads to de-track it which, as many of you know, there is no hull behind the treads when looking at the T95 from the front. However I still scored a penetrating hit, received a "Enemy Damaged" ribbon and received credit for it in the after match screen. I will link the video at the time I used the clip.



Unless I pulled off a miracle shot and it ricocheted into the side of the T95 then I shouldn't have dealt damage. If it was a ricochet then the bug report would be for the explosion effect of my shell even though the shot ricochet and impacted the side of the vehicle.

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