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T28 Prototype recommended crew perks

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WrongKeycard #1 Posted 19 August 2018 - 04:49 PM


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Now let me state this now, I know the T28 Prototype has gotten a drastic speed buff and it is now able to be played in frontline, midline, and rear support, I am also looking for help from people who have played it at least 10 times in their time of owner the tank destroyer. I have attached a picture of my current perks and I have stated them below. On to my problem, I have been swapping perks out and in due to my own inability to find perks that work with the other perks and my tank which I'm trying to 2 mark. To clarify I have it fully upgraded and 184 battles in it with 102 wins and 82 losses, a 71.20% damage standing, improved vents, gun rammer, and spall liner, so I have a semi-decent understanding on how to play it. Now on to my crew which was a war stories crew that was in my T28 HTC/Concept premium tank destroyer for roughly 200 battles or so. He has Sixth Sense, Recon(Swapped out 1 time), Brothers In Arms, Mentor, Silent Driving, Pain Tolerance, Repairs, Snap Shot(Swapped out 3 times), Armorer, and Camouflage(changed 6 times) in training, I have swapped Camouflage out for Deadeye, Preventative Maintenance, Smooth Ride, Clutch Braking, Jack of All Trades, and Muffled Shot. If you're still following me on this topic, I am NOT willing to swap out Mentor, Sixth Sense, Brothers in Arms, Paint Tolerance, Repairs, and Armorer. If anyone has any suggestions to help me with finding a proper/decent/good perk combo for the T28 Prototype, it would be very helpful. I am NOT using a good ol' case of cola

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