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4202P 3D model change with 4.6? Where's my Tommy Helmet?

4202 brodie helmet

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fozfactor #1 Posted 29 August 2018 - 04:05 PM


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WG, what happened to the Brodie helmet that used to jiggle around on the left side hull, right behind the turret?


Aesthetically speaking, that helmet was the most endearing part of the tank. It's an iconic helmet associated with the British army since WW1, and probably the most recognizable British military relic next to the Lee Enfield rifle. It was also used by the Americans and other allies.



I understand the 4202 is a post war tank and the Brodie was decomm'ed at the end of WW2, but to replace it with a common ammo box?


Some fellow tankers have got real (performance) issues aim-time, reload speed and wot knot, but this was just change for change's sake. And like the now invisible MOE's on winter and urban camo's, completely unnecessary. 


I'm curious what the inspiration was?



non nobis solum

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