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T14 or Ram II

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Koncorde #81 Posted 20 September 2018 - 06:53 AM


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View Postrarickp1973, on 19 September 2018 - 12:05 AM, said:

Any Excelsior drivers out there have an opinion about it? I rarely see them in matches.


I have 3 marks on mine.


It's surprisingly fast and agile, has a gun that is slightly better than the T14 in my experience but is still a bit suspect and liable to bounce on Bogatyr's.


The armour profile says that it is not as good as the T14, but if you angle, shuffle, and use the gun depression you can easily troll most tanks until they stop auto aiming.


It specialises in dealing with enemy mediums and lights (like the V/IV is best at) then mopping up heavies and TD's afterwards. If you go heavy to heavy however you will have to spam premium guaranteed, and your HP trade will weaken you for the clean up.


Side scraping can work, but it's real magic is using its butt. Instead of trying to turn to face your enemies, you just let them flank you and use your equally armoured rear like you would your front. I have taken out a C3 to the front, by wiggling and rocking, all the while a T34 bounced on my rear plate, where I then just turned my turret and took him out also. Smarter players will try to get alongside. That's when your agility is worth its weight in gold.

Corporal Upham #82 Posted Today, 04:45 AM

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I'm still trying to get my daily x2 on my T14. I just had an assault game where I moved into the cap circle with another green. A red KV-220-2 and Churchill came in and I couldn't do anything, even with premium ammo. I was just free damage, assist, and defense XP for them.


I'm trying to think of a worse gun, tier for tier. Pz. III J? This thing is garbage.

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VT Fuzed #83 Posted Today, 05:05 AM

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View PostJoco3000, on 15 September 2018 - 01:15 AM, said:


Both are crap.


dont really understand saying this about these or any tanks and 5 people liking it.  yeah others give better stats but are you saying that you cant go out have good games in them regularly cause players do...  like to think the game is about you and your teams response to the map...

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