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How can we make the forum better?

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Black RL #61 Posted 13 October 2018 - 12:02 AM


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View PostLadyTanker, on 12 October 2018 - 11:43 PM, said:


Being dismissed because of your stats is one thing. Coming here and telling ofhers how to play when you can't survive most of the time is another. And I think we can agree that if you hear someone like that, you won't be taking their advice much. 


Yes, someone has to lose. I was just thinking of an example of someone who plays really well. If they played with others at their skill level, someone would lose, but I have no doubt that both players would still perform well and end up closer to a tie. Maybe not every single time, but the games would be pretty close most of the time I imagine. 


Agreed, can go both ways.


But that’s like saying that everyone is 50% WR, or that from a pool of 10k hp everyone does 5k, if that happens they are no longer great.


If everybody is scoring 8 goals, how can you be the best one? But if most people are scoring 8 goals and 3 guys are scoring 10, that guys are the best, even if in the past scoring 5 goals was great.


You can be the best according to old standards but still be average in new meta.

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Almighty Tubsta #62 Posted 14 October 2018 - 05:54 AM


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As has been stated, most of the old faces disappeared due to various reasons, primarily leaving the game for greener pastures, along with some very social, humourous and often helpful forumers receiving unwarranted permabans for minor infractions after WGCB overhauled the moderation policies (pour some out for the fallen homies). As well as this, the amount of moderators is down to basically a handful, makiing for a tough, never ending and usually thankless job.


Couple this loss with the poor direction the game has been heading in over the past year or so, a lot of the newer forumers have matured (so to speak) in an extremely sodium rich environment, causing more general negativity.


Of course, any game that has been around for 5+ years would have a revolving playerbase, so part of it is just the natural ebb and flow of these things. Unfortunately, the forums will never return to those glory days. I regret lurking for so long and not participating for the first year or so of playing the game. I know I missed out on a lot of good times.


Without some drastic changes in leadership I fear the end is coming for the game. In my mind the lifecycle of this game is similar to that of a pet dog. Prior to 4.5 you realise something isn't quite right, so you go to the vet. Following a trip to the vet, you find out about a tumour (4.5 and Mercenaries), and the followup trip (4.6), the tumour has grown in size and the dog is really suffering. 


The game is at a critical juncture with the following options.

Operate on the tumour, with a radical change of direction and/or potential staff changes.

Continue as is, allowing the dog to suffer until eventual death, making the most of the remaining years (financially in this case).

Have the dog put down, allowing the suffering to end (never going to happen).


I'm going to remember the best years fondly along with a lot of the cool people I've met through the game. My wallet is closed, save for the odd petty cash for crews and equipment shuffling and while I still play frequently I'm leaning toward other games lately. I'm wondering when I should put this poor old dog up for adoption (so I could still have the occasional visit )...

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Archive this one and have a new one created on 1/1/2019..Less garbage next time.:popcorn:

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