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Imagination required.....

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Cosm1c ZED #1 Posted 08 November 2018 - 11:45 PM

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So I've often wonder how the War Gaming staff designs and implements a tank for this game, especially tanks that at most are concepts.

So here is my imaginary version of the WG staff meeting  that created the Czechoslovakian tier 8 medium tank the TVP VTU. The best 

tier 8 medium tank in the game...-->.( Insert sarcasm here)<--

( Please note this is just Zeds humorous way to vent after playing this damn tank and is no way real....or is it?) 


The Boss,  

               OK everyone I'd like to hear your ideas on  the tier 8 Czechoslovakian tank, I'd like to remind everyone that the weekend is upon us  and happy hour starts in 

30 mins so lets get through this.


Minion #1

                  Well we have some concept drawing, a little bit of technical information but other than that we can pretty much do what we want.



                 I think we should make this one a " challenge " to play lets give it no armor, insure it's ammo racked 3 out of 4 hits, so - so mobility, no gun depression,  somewhat low concealment rate. It would really have no redeeming qualities at all.



                I suggest we  also make sure that upgrades will be a slow painful process tempting the players to spend real money in the hopes the tank performance  would somehow

make it competitive for it's tier, but in the end the jokes on them because it will still be a " challenge" ( aka a pos) further tempting the player to spend more real money to get to the next tier tank.


 The Boss

                 Well that sounds like a plan, well go with that.

OK everyone lets wrap this up for now, first rounds on me!





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