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Nomonhan Winter Assault

Balance Fix

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M4ntiX #1 Posted 11 November 2018 - 12:17 PM


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I was in a tier X game, matchmaking was fair, both teams had roughly equal distribution of tanks.

Problem was, nearly all of the defender's heavies spawned on 9 line and our heavies on 2 line.


So what happened is this, all of our heavies have pushed the 2 line not facing nearly any opposition while our td's and lights got slaughtered on 9 line as they didn't stand a chance against 10 heavies. By the time our heavies reached the base, the game was pretty much over as they had to fight nearly the whole defending team.

Assault mode is broken as is and most people seem to dislike it, don't make it even worse by placing tanks on the map in an unbalanced fashion.

Either let the tanks spawn in one spot so they can then drive wherever they want or split them evenly. Spawning 10 defending heavies against a few attacking td' s and a light on the same line, has an obvious outcome and is heavily biased towards the defenders who, btw, already have a massive advantage in this game mode. Thanks.

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moosehaT o #2 Posted 25 November 2018 - 05:08 PM


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WG don't care, no feedback is taken into consideration hence why 90% of posts are ignored and shite maps/spawns still exist.

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