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Stock Tanks and How Tanks are Tiered

Stock Tanks Matchmaking

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FuzzySlappybag #1 Posted 12 November 2018 - 07:09 PM


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Hi All,


Not a standard matchmaking rant as I do enjoy playing bottom tier quite often. However, I have been noticing a trend recently where when I upgrade to a new tier (V to VI in my case) my stock tank will almost never be the top tier. It is extremely common for it to be either bottom tier or in a "mid tier" game where it is only this because some poor tier V has been roped in. Considering a lot of stock tanks don't even have a gun of it's own tier, it seems the only reason for putting stock tanks in these situations is to encourage people to spend free xp and, to get that, their hard earned cash. If that is the reason then fair enough, but for players like me who will only spend, in total, up to the value of an off the shelf game it is more likely to either drive people away or stop them from choosing to tier up. I for one will not choose to tier up after tier VII as I don't really see the point in entering a tier that practically ensures being bottom of the barrel and will have longer grinds to not be stock.

I generally play all my tanks so that they all level up roughly the same time so at the moment I am seeing it for tank after tank that my stock tank with a tier V gun is put into a game where it can't do anything. My Hellcat, for instance, didn't see a game of top tier or a good mid tier game until I put the top gun on it, which then allows it to hold it's own at any level whereas even the tier VI gun struggles with a lot of tanks. Surely stock tanks should see some sort of preferential matchmaking for the first few games?

I know people always say tailor your style to the game but I play a tank destroyer for one reason, I want to destroy tanks. If I want to scout why would I pick the Hellcat? I know it is good at spotting and fast but the T37 is far superior and it can actually aim at things on the move. I  don't mind if my scouts shot bounces but I do mind if my tank destroyer can't even penetrate it's own tier. Surely then each tank should be tiered based on its components and the weighting of these. Every component counts but they carry different weightings for different classes. Engines and viewfinders are the most important for scouts, guns for tank destroyers etc. Through this a tier VI tank destroyer with a tier V gun is still matched as a tier V. I know this would be difficult to implement and not everyone would be happy at the result but surely it is better than the current system? Why am I going to waste my time when my tier VI stock tank is the only tier VI in a tier VIII game and I have no hope of penning anything even in the rear? Fair enough with scouts you can still be of use but I don't want to sit there hiding behind my own tanks waiting for an opportunity to see if my shell will penetrate the top of an engine compartment, that's 15-20 minutes I won't get back. Instead I could just charge in bounce 2 shells, die and be back choosing another tank for a hopefully more fun game within 2 minutes.

Just to be clear I don't mind the +/- 2 matchmaking to a degree as it is fun to contribute to a victory when bottom tier, however when a tank is put into battle with no hope of contributing then not only is one team a tank down but potentially that player will become jaded and stop playing the game. People also say look for the other same tier tanks on the enemy team but this is difficult on small maps or when you happen to be either the only bottom tier on either team or one of 2. If my stock Hellcat then is faced by a 90mm Hellcat then why do I want to look for him as well, I'll just look for the closest tank and go back to the garage thank you.

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