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AMX Chaffee vs. AMX 13 57

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Funktastic Ed #61 Posted 09 September 2019 - 08:16 AM

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Playing passive scout is an art.

First of all it never means you have to stick to one position, it is tactical playstyle, you need to keep a constant attention to the minimap (no radar), also you need to know maps quite well , always have a retreat solution (cover does not help if you can't escape).


Optics, Binos, Vent, that's my pack, i take food, high medecine and extinguisher, you can notice it is obviously not what an active player would take, the idea here is to enhance the view range as much as possible.


You need to know when to retreat or take a further position in order to keep ennemies Under detection field, that's the idea.

Always give your team ennemy positions, you don't aim for alpha damage, you take much assist damage.

My personal trick, is that i load an explosive shell full clip (HE), it is risky if you fail to detect an ennemy ambush, but the idea is that HE rounds are way more effective to detrack ennemies, in this scenario you are the artillary's best friend.

All of this, is harder to achieve.than it seems, and this playstyle is totally unforgiving specially with only 600hp.

Why do i play this way ?

Because if i don't, i get bad results, that's all, i had hard times before i found out what suits me the most with AMX Chaffee.

Chaffee is slow, yes it is !

Slow and not very agile, less than 60km/h is slow for a light tank, climbing is pretty weak and acceleration not much better, so you are slower than most medium tanks encountered (not to mention light tanks)  in this case playing active is way too risky if you ask me.

It's too risky because you will need a good team with good shooters to cover you, if your team show some weakness, the reds will Simply rush your face and humiliate you, and you can still have yolo suicide killers that will just want you to disappear.

Too much variable, too much risks, i don't play dice.

Then there's matchmaking, when i'm top tier i play way more actively, but overall i play the chaffee passive, at leats for the first part of the battle, in a  low tier situation, it is mendatory for me.

Then when the situation gets clear (half ennemies are dead… most are damaged) soon as i know there is less danger, i get involved in action and hunt any damaged ennemy to get my kills.

I'm not a suiper player, but still i'm on my way to second gun mark gently but surely.


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RumbleCatDad #62 Posted 28 October 2019 - 02:38 AM


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I've never owned the Chaffee but having just bought the 1357, the tank is a lot of fun.

Decent armor to take a couple of hits and keep on motoring, excellent view range and an 8 shot clip.

Later in the game this tank transforms into an absolute unit at wrecking tanks with mid to low health. Also it carries 72 rounds, enough for 9 full clips, nothing to sneeze at.

It's far from perfect, but it sure is a lot of fun. I've surprised many a Lycan commander as well as been the bane of TD's in many matches.

I recommend Vents, Optics and GLD.

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