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GCL Season 3 goes Europe or... World Wide Clan Wars!

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Dessection #1 Posted 22 November 2018 - 09:59 AM


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GCL Season 3 goes Europe!


The GCL is a community organized tournament for World of Tanks.


After two successful seasons, we are pleased to announce that the 3rd season invites not only German but also European clans to participate.


Played on 2 levels in 5 leagues.


The Pro League (Tier X), which can only be reached via a promotion from the Major League (Tier VIII), organizes the next days a Pre event, where the Clans can secure 1 out of 3 Wildcars for the Pro League.


The registration for this small pre tournament, runs until Sunday.


For all further information, we invite you to our Discord server:




GCL Season 3 coming soon...

official page::




We see us =)

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LahjaFinja #2 Posted 28 November 2018 - 11:02 AM

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Hello Community,

up to now we have more than 40 clans who are interested to start in our PS4 GCL league. The registration for the next season starts in January. Through our website you can view the rules and prizes sponsored by Wargaming.

I would be happy if other interested Clans would join our discord. The PRO League is now full and from now on you can only try to advance through the smaller leagues.

Top clans like UXP, BOB, GMW and many more will make your life difficult.

Measure yourself against the best.




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Dessection #3 Posted 04 December 2018 - 03:02 PM


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Hello commanders,


For a long time it was quiet about the GCL, but this weekend, the GCL opens the next season with a small tournament in which there are wildcards for the Pro League to win.
4 Clans compete against each other, according to GCL rules, this weekend.

You can follow us through the following channels:





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