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World of Tanks Mercenaries: Centrifuge

centrifuge contract mercenary

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KillDozer33 #21 Posted 07 September 2019 - 04:01 AM

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They nerfed it, just like they always seem to do w/merc tanks, after you poor suckers jumped through all those circus monkey hoops!:trollface:

So glad I knew better. Merc tank contracts can OD & die off for good asap.:facepalm:

RaggaMuffinReap #22 Posted Yesterday, 12:28 AM


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The contract wasnt that hard, its a fun little tier 5, good dpm, gun depression, not a bad side scraper. Looks shinny, fun to use as an option in other contracts, good to have in the garage as an option. (i pay no attention to buffs and nerfs, its the player that counts)  Id say worth it. Just cause of a nref to what ever it was does not make it bad, if you were to put 3 in a platoon together top tier they would just dpm u to death, just like 3 Black Princes, u cant track them all.


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