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rik242 #21 Posted 07 January 2019 - 11:22 PM


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I don't pretend to be a seasoned veteran like some of you obviously are. My son and I started playing WOT earlier this year and enjoyed, WS and MP. It was great. I dont want a heart attack playing Fortnite or COD. We went to Tankfest at Bovvy and we all loved it. But in the short few months we have been playing he has lost interest because he finds it unplayable and doesnt enjoy it. I still do, although the grinds can be a pain in the [edited]but find the most enjoyable tiers to play are 5/6/7. WG need to make it enjoyable for the yoof!

JollyGecko2 #22 Posted 11 January 2019 - 12:31 AM


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This is how I see it. WG nerfed War Stories because they don't want players to be able to make silver that easily. If they make it so the best place to make silver is in Multiplayer, that is all you will play. After doing that for some time, because of the tremendously poor teams, your frustration levels will be so high you will want to do something else. Like drive a different tank. In there minds, BUY a new tank. Also, if your silver production are getting bad enough, for obvious reasons, you may have to BUY silver. Their whole thing is to piss you off enough to BUY premium tanks, time, consumables, or silver. So, in the end, their profits go up and your frustration continues. It can be a vicious cycle. By new stuff to make the game better, hopefully. If it doesn't work, BUY something else. If it does work, they will figure it out eventually, and nerf the crap out of it. The cycle continues. That is what I see being done to this game. They only care about the player base as far as there profits go. They will only care when we, as the players stop buying crap from them. Then they MAY notice. 

pilotguy79 #23 Posted 12 January 2019 - 10:12 PM


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The team at wg are a joke. I just played a couple rounds in a few different tanks . Saved the required tank on lfe. Used only standard ammo and the really cheap HE . Used no consumables and no damage to tank. With a victory . I walked away with -4488 silver with premium account.

Wargaming has a lot to explain. Why not put warnings on tanks (this tank will lose silver with even standard ammo,

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