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Very simple UI Change for Garage request

Garage Ui Stats tank list

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test777777 #1 Posted 23 December 2018 - 08:47 AM


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Dear WG


When cycling through tanks in my Garage it shows some numbers and bars relating to tank capability, sum kind of summary. The headings include, Firepower, Survivability, Mobility, Concealment and Spotting. For example, Firepower: 32 and Survivability: 51.  This summary does not relate to the game mechanics and is mostly meaningless. This information gives me nothing in relation to armour, pen values, damage values, reload time, view range, signal range, hit points or speed  


The more detailed overview which lists the same sets of information but expands on them to show the more detailed information listed above requires a player to hit the Y button on XBOX for details and then tap the RB button for modules. It would be far better and far more useful to display that “all modules” detailed overview information for each tank as one cycles through each tank instead of forcing two extra button presses for each tank in order to see it.


Please expand the garage summary for each tank to show the detail contained in the “all modules” summary instead of just the headings with non relatable values or provide information as to why this change would be bad. This seems like not only a very reasonable idea for better and more efficient delivery of information for the players plus a really simple ui change to implement.


I’m no designer and have limited development skills so I’m  open for discussion as to why it might be a bad idea or difficult thing to implement. I can’t see the playerbase not wanting it though.






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