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Iron Rain Borsig seems to be very...

Iron Rain Borsig RHM Borsig Skorpion

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Vampire_Izumi #1 Posted 07 January 2019 - 09:48 PM


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weak compared to the Skorpion and RHM Borsig and here are the reasons why:

DPM/Gun stats:


Iron Rain Borsig: 1,793.4 dpm (BASE) (probably can not equip gun rammer and can not use improved ventilation. so limited in ways to lower it's SUPER long reload) (without adding in the Intraclip Reload!)

RHM Borsig:  2,557.8 dpm (BASE) (can use gun rammer and can not use improved ventilation.) 

Skorpion:  2,410.8 dpm (BASE) (can use gun rammer and can not use improved ventilation.) 

Accuracy and Aim Time:

Iron Rain Borsig: 0.37 accuracy and 2.7 aim time

RHM Borsig:   0.35 accuracy and 2.3 aim time

Skorpion:  0.30 accuracy and 2.1 aim time


Iron Rain Borsig: 10.17hpt \\\ top speed 35 \\\ hull traverse 32deg/s \\\ Turret Traverse 22deg/s 

RHM Borsig: 9.98hpt \\\  top speed  35 \\\ Hull Traverse 38deg/s \\\ Turret Traverse 20 deg/s

Skorpion: 17hpt \\\ top speed 60 \\\ Hull Traverse 30 \\\ Turret Traverse 18deg/s


Iron Rain Borsig: should be same as RHM (depends if you have to pay for camo or not, but will be the same if both have camo)

RHM Borsig: Stationary: 0.40 Moving: 0.24 Concealment Rating: 66

Skorpion: Stationary: 0.16 Moving: 0.10 Concealment Rating: 28

Skorpion G: Stationary: 0.20 Moving: 0.14 Concealment Rating: 36

Reload (BASE):

Iron Rain Borsig: 49.2s ( RHM gets 1.43 more shells off per 1 reload that this tank fires not counting the Intraclip Reload or a gun rammer!)

RHM Borsig:  11.5s

Skorpion: 12.2s

Overall thoughts: this tank imo looks pretty poor due to VERY low DPM  and very poor accuracy and aim time compared to the Base RHM and Skorpion. this tank also has only a 10hpt ratio, it may be about the same as a regular RHM, but the regular RHM does not have a 49 second reload. the DPM without counting in the intraclip reload and not counting how both other tanks can use gun rammers is a 764.4 difference compared to the RHM Borsig and is still a 617.4 difference compared to the Skorpion! this tank also has pretty poor accuracy (0.37) and aimtime (2.7s) compared to the RHM (0.35/ 2.3s) and Skorpion (0.30/ 2.1s), if you include this and that the reload is 49.2 seconds long and should not be able to use a gun rammer. then this tank will have a very very hard time, this tank is also one of the most punishing if you miss/bounce due to the 49 second reload and only having 3 shells per reload.


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Very Classy #2 Posted 07 January 2019 - 10:09 PM


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I've never been too brilliant at realizing DPM potential (except in isolating 1v1s), but burst damage, I find pretty easy to make happen. This thing seems scary... and I'm really stoked to see how they do on the leaderboards... and what a really great player can do with it.


It's doubtful that I'll pick one up. I have my gold earmarked for the Progetto premium (whenever that will be), but I might be persuaded.

There is literally an Xbox 360 in a museum, and this is the best joke you can come up with?
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I_TriffNix #3 Posted 07 January 2019 - 10:50 PM


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Better WG bring Italiano Tanks and Not always crap Premium Tanks... 

dreadnought8283 #4 Posted 07 January 2019 - 11:12 PM


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It might look bad but ppl said the same thing about the soma when it came out, but look at it now it stays near if not the top of the score  most matches I've seen then in. However in not saying this is a good tank, but I sure would not want to be the guy to 1v1 with it that's for sure.

Elite Corsair #5 Posted 07 January 2019 - 11:53 PM

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Sounds like waffle 100 gameplay at tier 8 except the IRB can actually hide while firing. This will be a tier 6 and 7 nightmare and a cleaner of any aggressive players out there that don’t have good view range in the tank they are playing. Plus it’s a premium so it will be a lot more economical to run premium loads.


Burst damage tanks generally tend to be easier to play than single fire tanks (unless the dpm is closer to 3k).  Looks like it should have +2/-1 matchmaking like the Snakebite.

RangerCharlie75 #6 Posted 09 January 2019 - 01:28 PM

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The ability to hide can't be overlooked. Skorpion gets spotting very easily


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