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I_YELL_VALHALLA #1 Posted 14 January 2019 - 03:52 AM


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Starting off, I'd like to say I love how WG added the option to turn on and off health numbers for allied and enemy tanks. But I would like to see more in the way of UI options and customization, now I have seen the devs on stream for months (about a year ago) say they don't want to add things like different aiming reticles in fear that it would give some players advantages or more info then someone who doesn't use (X) or (Y) reticle. But adding the option to turn your full mini map to a compass and back Is clearly a advantage for anyone who always keeps the mini map up in the bottom right of their screen instead of the compass. Giving the people the option to further customize their UI for more info or less should be a personal preference, but giving more info to the player can always help them make more informed decisions. Here are a few things I would like to see.

1. Damage log in game.  We get info when a module like our tracks is damaged or taken off, But I would like to see more. If you get shot by two tanks and only one of them penetrate you a little log should tell you (X) tank pen and (X) tank ricocheted and what type of ammo they were using. This way it would help you make a more informed decision. 

2. Directional damage log. Further explaining the damage you took, maybe you got shot on the left by a light tank, and on the right by a TD, a directional damage log that stays on your screen for ~2 seconds that tells you the tank that shot you, the damage it did, and if it penetrated you or not could be a life saver, instead of your screen just flashing red or grey in the direction you took fire from.
3. Reticle customization.  I would like to see extra reticles that give you more customization,  I.e type of shell loaded custom colors/shapes. Personally I have issues with telling the difference between the light orange and yellow of interpenetrating shots. A color slider to change the color and vibrancy of said colors would be a great addition.

4. Multiple aiming Sensitivity. The ability to change your sensitivity of your camera based on the level of zoom on your tank. I.e having a slider bar for non zoomed, aimed using your (L2)/(LT) and another for your "sniper mode".

5. ​Additional zoom levels.  More levels of zoom that are all optional maybe toggled by holding the button that activates your "Sniper mode"

6. Render range marker.  Adding a marker on your mini map or even when you aim after (X) distance it tells you that you are aiming out of render range and that no enemies can be seen beyond this point.

7. Minimap customization.  The ability to scale your minimap/compass and to show last known locations of enemies if they have been spotted.

8. Tank names on minimap.  To see both allied and or enemy names on mini map and on your screen at all times or when in a specific range of you. 

9. ​Requesting fire clarification.  When you are pinned down and requesting fire/ to focus fire on a target it does not make any sense for the log to read  (X) gammertag is requesting fire on (Y) gammertag it should read out that (The name of your tank) is requesting fire on (Tank name). When you are playing artillery and people keep pinging that they need help on 1-4 tanks at once it would be nice to know if they are Pinging a Tiger II tank or an E100.

10.  More/custom communications. costome mapings for your (L1)/(LB) buttons maybe you use the "SOS" command very rarely but you use the "Cover Me" command more. you should be able to custom map the commands more on whatever slot you want.  

11. Total Team HP pool.  The option to see either total hp pool of allies/enemies or the option to add very little HP bars under each of the tank Diamonds at the top of your screen.

I'm not trying to complain to the devs, I love this game and I originally started playing it on pc 6 years ago but I restarted playing when WoT came to console and its sad to see the UI not going anywhere after almost 5 years on console. Thank you for your time

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