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Potemkin arty wth

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pilotguy79 #1 Posted 15 January 2019 - 12:46 AM


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just finished a match in Potemkin . I was just goofing around in my bulwark. Perma tracking everyone and calling for attack. Perma track the boss wide open in the field with no obstacles between arty and the target arty only fired once at the beginning of the match . After that they didn’t fire at all. Why wg!? Why would you put arty in challenge mode and the ensure they don’t fire? You created this game mode then turn around a kill it. If multiplayer didn’t suck bad I wouldn’t be on warstories. But it does . 

sulla1111 #2 Posted 21 January 2019 - 06:54 PM

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Potemkin is just about the most flawed war story they have made. It’s balanced around you using a tier x arty that has been buffed to fire every 10 seconds. Even with that, and your arty hitting every shot, your team often dies before the final boss and you have to spot the final targets for yourself.


The level of overbuffing on the war stories tanks is disappointing. 10 second reload tier x arty, 0.15 accuracy merc medium, 500 metre view range Tigre... Why balance stories around that level of stats?

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