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30 Day Price Match

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Ditch Doc #1 Posted 02 February 2019 - 05:07 PM

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Hi WG. First off, great job on the current operations format (Winter Games), and all the silver ops and garage slot ops back in November and December, as well as the Twitch Prime ops. You've really made the game enjoyable over the last quarter. I've spent a lot more than I ever did before, and I feel like I've gotten a lot of value for my money in return, with the personal offers and tanks from war chests. Well done, WG.


It is precisely because of all the great deals that this issue now comes up. I think you should be offering and publicising a 30 day price match guarantee on full price premiums. The reason is, now that on any given Tuesday a premium tank might become a personal offer, I'm unwilling to buy it for full price. So for example, I really want to buy the Lowe, but I just know as soon as I drop 12,500 gold on it, it's gonna end up on sale. This is totally common in the retail sector, and the way they keep customers from feeling burned is by offering a price match if an item goes on sale within 30 days of your purchase.


i believe there are probably a lot of customers out there like me, sitting on gold and not buying a full price premium for fear it'll go on sale in a few days. But it's easy to rationalise a purchase if you know you won't get burned. The 30 day mark is adequate for a person to feel they are being treated fairly.


I think you'd win on multiple levels:


First, you'd make it more feasible for us to still buy full price tanks if we are feeling impatient, with a little safety net, which I believe would incentivise people to spend.  Which is more income for the company.

Second, you'd be making a very obvious gesture toward fairness, which should engender a feeling of loyalty in your customers.

Third, even though in some cases you'd be giving partial refunds back to customers for their unfortunately timed purchases, each of those customers would remain happy and feel taken care of.

Fourth, it seems like the right thing to do, and sort of seems like an industry standard for retail in general, although admittedly not in video game industry. You'd be trailblazing.


For the record, I have not been burned and I'm not trying to set this up for my own benefit, unless you count the future benefit of being able to purchase something without dread. I have seen threads where other people got burned in this way though.


I realise some people will just say, let the buyer beware, and that's fine. But I believe you stand to gain more than you'd lose by implementing such a policy.

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