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Tournament: The Big Star [Top 3 Prized]

Tournament 2vs2 Tier 7 Stargate Prizes

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KOTB Neo #1 Posted 20 February 2019 - 04:28 PM


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The Big Star Tournamen hosted by Stargate SG1 Clan


The Stargate SG1 WoT Club will be hosting a 2 vs 2 Tournament on every Sunday at 19:00 (7pm GMT+1). 

You can register your Team over the Community-Tournaments of the Official WoT Club, or directly by joining the Stargate SG1 Club. 

The Top 3 Teams, will be rewarded with Gifts from the Shop of the Console WoT Website (EP- Boost, Crew-Boost etc. Also each of the Players of the Team can gather Circuit Points for themselfs, the Players with the highest amount of Points (Top16) after an entire Season will then play manually hosted 1vs1 to the determine the Big Star of the Season.

He will be rewarded with a Highend-Premium Tank (Tier 8) 



Rules for this Round:


  • Each Team has to consist of 2 Players
  • Your eglible to play in diffrent Teams each Tournament 
  • Tanks that you pick must be Tier 7 and nothing else
  • You can use Tech- Premium- or Mercenary Tank, but Artillery is not allowed
  • There will be atleat one Tournament each Week, for gathering CP
  • Dont Troll and do your Best
  • No AFK-ing or Feeding


1st Place each Player on the Team gets 3 Points

2nd Place gets 2 Points

3rd and 4th get each 1 Point




There will be a Facebook Page and a Website with each Players Statistics and current Circuit-Points displayed.


If you have any Questions, just PM xNeo90 or Nuke Skyblocker ingame.

We will most likly invite you to a Party and answer Your Questions.




This Tournament and all of its Event will be hold Sundays, so it doesnt collide with any Battles from the Official ClanWars for the xBox!


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KOTB Neo #2 Posted 27 February 2019 - 07:15 PM


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The first Round of the Tournament has been completed, there have been only 3 Teams competing, but since the Top 3 are prized, every Team got Boosters gifted and donated by Nuke Skyblocker. 

1st prized Team even got 50x 6x Crew Boosters each (worth 8000 Gold)


Results of Round 1:

1st - Team SG1

2nd - Team Rolo DS 2

3rd - Team Wirier 99999 


Points to the Players have been given and everybody won a good amount of Boosts for Tank and Crew.


Round 2 is starting next Sunday on the 03.03.2019 at 08:00 pm GMT +1

Join, its free, fun and you can earn lots of Silver (5kk Silver for 1st Place, Top 3 are prized) + gather Points for a Premium tank each Season.


If you want to train 2vs2 Tournaments look up the Red Rooster WOT Tournament Club, they host Tournaments each Wednesday and Saturday. Help the Community grow so we can get bigger Tournaments and get this Game back to ESL.


Cheers, xNeo90 (xbox) pm if you got a Question

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