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That AMX 50-120 though.....

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P6X330 #21 Posted 07 May 2019 - 01:10 AM


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View PostAlbapfalzd3, on 06 May 2019 - 09:22 AM, said:

Yeah I just bought this tank over the weekend to have another French tank to use in the "Machine" contract. Painful does a pretty good job at describing this tank. I need to work it and get it fully upgraded before getting into Stage IX (currently in Stage VII) so I have another Tier IX tank to work with. Currently as is I have 1 French tank (AMX 50 120), 3 Crewed Soviet Tanks (Obj. 257, ST-1 and Obj. 277), 4 British tanks (Cent. 7/1, Cent. AX, Conqueror, S. Conqueror) and 1 Czech tank (Skoda T50) that I can use for those final two stages. I also have the T-10 but no crew in it and the IS-7 unlocked but not purchased. I could get the Lorraine 40T unlocked as well. 




That tank does not come around until you get the 120mm gun on it. Then it changes dimension.

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XGR369er #22 Posted 08 May 2019 - 07:36 PM

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Wow i am almost done with the 50-100 and getting this.  I figured it wouldn't be any good unless you got the 120.  Going to be a painful grind but always is with most autoloaders of this type.  They are very team dependent and when you get people working with you they can do amazing things but when you have stupid teams and get suck reloading that is it.  I got tired of being in the 50-100 firing off my shots and then having no one on my team cover so i can reload.  As everyone said with the sweds you have some armor to buy you a bit of time but these tissue paper heavies just get pummeled by everything.  I can understand why you don't see a lot of these on the battle field. UGH and I thought the 50-100 sucked for a grind. Oh joy another pain.


Do have a question though.  Is it better to get the optional upgrade or just grind to the 120?  If so how much exp does it remove from the 111,900k when you get the 83K on the optional gun.  I wish they would tell you that somewhere.  Would be helpful.

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