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just a little thing i thought would be neat.

E-100 Maus

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Vampire_Izumi #1 Posted 13 March 2019 - 07:52 AM


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i was just thinking it would be interesting if the E-100 had the Maus's turret as stock (could even be the prebuff turret that is 240/200/200) but is also limited to the 128mm unless you unlock the Current E-100's turret and 150mm.


basically like this: bold is my suggested stat changes to balance it.

Stock package:

Turret : MAUS: Turret Armor 240/200/200 (was 260/210/210), Turret Traverse  14deg/s (was 16deg/s), View Range 400m

Gun: 12,8 CM KW.K. 44 L/55 (E 100 version): Rate of Fire 4 (was 4.20),  Aim Time 2.60s (was 2.90s), Accuracy 0.37 (was 0.38), Penetration 246/311/65, Damage 490/490/630, DPM 1,960 (was 2,058)

Engine: MAYBACH NEUES PROJEKT: Engine Power 1200, Power to Weight Ratio 9.0hpt (was 9.24hpt)

 Tracks: E 100: Traverse Speed 18deg/s (was 22deg/s)

Radio: 10WSC: Signal Range 720m


E 100B: Cost: 76,000 EXP(was 64,800), 380,000 Silver (was unknown)

Turret: E 100: 250/150/150, Traverse Speed 20, View Range 400m

Gun: 15 CM KW.K. L/38: Rate of Fire: 3, Aim Time 2.90s, Accuracy 0.40, Penetration: 260/326/85 (was 246/334/85), Damage 750/750/950 DPM 2,250

Engine: MAYBACH NEUES PROJEKT: Engine Power 1200, Power to Weight Ratio 9.24hpt

Tracks: E 100: Traverse Speed 22deg/s

Radio: 10WSC: 720m



also, maybe buff the Maus's RoF to 3.9->4.10 which is  1,911->2,009 DPM


The 128mm gun is from the Current stock package for the E 100 (the "Was" stats for the gun are it's current stats, this is true for all stats listed that are changed)

this is just a thought i had that could be interesting!

i understand if you dislike the changes i thought of, just felt like they would be fun to share. :)


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I am Zweistein #2 Posted 13 March 2019 - 11:59 AM


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Well with there being mercenary tanks that are put together out of different tanks anyway I dont see why not!

I think there should be a tank designer that calculates everything from size, power, weight, amo capacity etc etc and then you can submit the idea and get it voted on! Also just a fun idea so at the end of the day so why not! Im in!

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