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O-Hohohoho, this has got to be a joke

garbage help japanese o-ho

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MEGAblaster96 #1 Posted 07 April 2019 - 08:12 AM


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I'm a heavy tank type. I love my VK 100.01 (p). It's probably my favorite tank in the game. I decided to branch out a bit.

Grinding though the Japanese heavy line, I was was having a fine time with them. Big and slow, but they had a great derp gun and decent armor. It all stopped with the O-Ho, however. This is quite possibly the worst tank I've ever had the displeasure of using. It is so inexcusably bad, I don't even know where to begin.


  • NO GUN DEPRESSION - Seriously. What the **** is with this? The O-Ni had almost uniform 10 degree gun depression around the tank. This thing has huge off center turrets that make it impossible to aim down. You literally cannot aim at something right in front of you.
  • Worthless armor - While 200mm might not seem bad, The armor returns to being even flatter than before. Everything pens this thing. Angling does not matter because the turret (and mini turrets) are just as flat.
  • Bad gun selection - Derp gun is still the same as the O-I, AKA worthless against higher tiers. The 10 cm is less than stellar. The aim time is slow, and dispersion is still bad. Trying to aim this thing will get you more damage received then you can deliver.


Reading the wiki, it says this thing isn't even real. WG completely made it up, meaning they intentionally made this thing a rolling piece of garbage. Why? You have complete control over this WG, why don't you fix it?


I want to get the Type 4, but i'm on the verge of giving up. This thing is unplayable. How did any of you get past this thing?

matematicalone #2 Posted 07 April 2019 - 08:33 AM

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From what I know of O-ho it has great depression over the right side because those mini turrets are slightly off center to the left (looking from first person view). Same depression can be achieved over left side but since you have to expose your left broadside more it's not recommendable. It does make ridge shots sligtly tricky but possible. Actualy turret front is quite bouncy and with minimal exposure time you can get decent shots and do some damage every time you peek out. Try it somewhere out of mp, sidescrape over the right side to bait the shot and after that just overangle a bit more to get that gun depression before the shot. My 2 cents I hope it wont do any harm.

And derp is 15 cm while O-ho is considered most capable against higher tiers. Some say it's even better than Type.


CheweyBadge #3 Posted 07 April 2019 - 09:00 AM


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Gun depression on it isn't too bad when you get used to it. Have to aim to the left and right of the turrets on the front. If you're not enjoying it then good luck with the Type 4. Thats certainly the worst tier 9 heavy and the worst tank I've ever played. I'd much rather play my O Ho than my Type.4. Bounce a lot in the O Ho. Had one game with a platoon of 60tps firing heat into me and not one penned me. Haven't bought the Type 5

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