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T-54: why do I suck, how do I “git gud?”

T-54 T-44 Soviet USSR Medium

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AJH387 #21 Posted 06 August 2019 - 05:16 PM


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I was really quite terrible in the T-54 at first. I asked for some help and eventually figured it out. Honestly, I think a lot of it is I was trying to poke out and play it more like you would the Patton or Skoda etc. And the gun just isn't great for that. So I learned to just run in packs, be opportunistic. Get in and wolfpack when the situation allows but learn when not to be overly aggressive. Also, the HEAT is nice when the situation calls for it. But I don't spam it, just use when the situation needs it. For me, that situation is when I am unable to really pop out and aim my shot, so I do the old (RB/RT) on the move, until I am able to relocate or get into a safe spot. I was able to 2-mark it, which I realize isn't a big deal but still I feel like a bit of an accomplishment since I don't play for M.O.E.s,. BTW, A lot of my grind was with a very subpar crew, so like many have said, a good crew is better. I play the T-62A the same way, which I also love.

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