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Matchmaking revamp and laggggggg

Skills mm Rigged?

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SlagInGristle #1 Posted 18 April 2019 - 11:55 AM


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So I only play for a short time here and there anymore. I find that if too many wins in a row or too many high performance medals in a row the game begins to change.


The change seems to be a few things 1 being lag ( over and over when needing to for a long delay and this allows my tank to be caught and killed ) this lag forces you to play from the rear and makes the game so boring it’s better to play something else. 2 match making - I don’t even know for sure on this with the lag effect so strong but it would seem that when this game decides its time for you to be a looser and you get steamrolled 10-20 games in a row well ..... wow!


Second other change seems to be the skills on the crew. While you see some improvement on a given tank the tank shouldn’t see a reduction with a base crew.... it surely seems that some of my tanks with the base crew become nearly defunct rather than just base slower in whatever skill is untrained. Math should be able to tell you give yourself an extra second or range loss etc.... instead just a purely clumsy tanks  - it all comes together and makes the game basically something to play for the sake of the game at times..... what a turn off. 


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