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Grizzly I Needs a Gun Buff

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coff33guy #21 Posted 20 October 2019 - 10:59 PM


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View Postfizduo, on 23 September 2019 - 08:13 AM, said:



This tank is very weak but playable IF you have a very good crew OR spam pramo (and probably if you use food). Now with 20 perk crew and octane + prammo I could playing it quite well.


The problem is that your gun is unreliable AND your penatration is really bad. So you could only fight very near...but if you have good mobility (not excellent) you have no armour against V. So it is a tricky tank.


It is frustrating since it is the same kind of gun performance than tiers IV M3 Lee and  M4 stock...but you could not go further to a better gun like "normal M4" . This tank is like a swamp.


With prammo it is easier (you could deal even with poor accuracy) and with very good crew the "in field accuracy" increase. but you have to know when change munition to prammo (often!). So you does not earn a lot of money.


A really good crew give you more accuracy (move...), greater view (already good), better camo, and a little strength to you armor (fire, ammorack...) and it is ok (not against best of V and most of VI).  So it is not a good crew trainer before 8/10 perks


The same gun has slightly better stat in "improved M4", I would like a buff in this way (but if the buff is the 76mm or derp gun : Hurrah!)


Don't pay for that*!



* You don't want to give money for quite the same tank than regular free M4, less performance, less fun and no more money earning.


I agree, it is playable but it doesn't really have any situations in which it excels in. Gun is too inaccurate to use its depression on ridgelines and snipe. Yet you have so little armour that you can't spend time on the frontlin either. Best I could do was to follow the team at a distance and use my speed to pick of stragglers. Not the greates gameplay style though...


Anyway, as its quite a historically interesitng tank, I did put a review together:


Albapfalzd3 #22 Posted 21 October 2019 - 02:00 PM


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The Grizzly (and by extension the Frostbite Grizzly) are mediocre premium tanks at best but like any tank you can do well in them. One thing you could do and should probably do is put on Optics and use it's vision to rack up assist points. You could also load up a good mix of ammo at a 40/30/20 ratio. The HE you want to use to track heavier armored Reds and let the better guns do the penetrating. The gun is pretty poor unless up close and personal but during this +/- 1 event you should be top Tier at all times so you should be able to do pretty well with it if you are selective with your targets and know where to shoot them. Use that Premium when you HAVE to. Even with 127 mm of Pen though there may still be targets out there you cannot pen by just RB and firing away. I use mine as an early first 4 Skill trainers but if I was going to set out to three mark it I would make sure I had a crew with the vision and camo skills and focus on assist damage early in the battle and then clean up when the battle is winding down. I would use Vents, Optics and Rammer (aim time is pretty good at under 2 sec with vents). Consumables I would probably load Large Repair, Large Med kit and then Food. I would also try and find a crew with the Snakebite skill along with SS, BiA, Repairs, Track Mechanic, SA, Recon, FF (no extinguisher), and Camo at a minimum (again this is if I am setting out to 3 mark it). Just some suggestions.



BB Zero Four #23 Posted 24 November 2019 - 03:00 AM

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It's a tier 5 and it's a Sherman aka a peashooter mounted on a cardboard box with tracks. It's round about as good as it has to be, I think. Taking it any more seriously than a daily 2X ride is kinda overestimating what the tank is and what it can do.

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