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Spawn Points

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TancDeCurseRO #1 Posted 25 April 2019 - 12:21 AM


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Lakeville: use the symmetry of this map as a model. this map is one of the most balanced


>Erlemberg spawns should be both EXACTLY IN the river

>Overlord please don't put the spawns down low on the beach (not talking about standard battle)

>Westfield again, spawns too low so I need literally minutes just to get up ffs...

>Windstorm just a mess on it's own . . 

>Skorpion Pass.... the entire right side of the map could simply just be lowered a bit or with less cover or deleted entirely: the battle is usually on the northern-west part of the map. but there is always a noob climbing up for 5 mins so we have to get there and kill him..  ..



wg pls fix


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