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Tank counter tank

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Kaptain Proton #1 Posted 25 April 2019 - 08:52 PM


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I was looking at the Machine and its stats and I was thinking about something I had heard once.  It was that the Lowe was an IS killer.  I was thinking that if the Machine was tracked by a  medium like an Obj 140 it could take it out very easily.  We don't know yet how dominant the Machine will be but if I see one out there I will definitely will be driving towards it with my Obj 140  


So I was thinking if others had thought about some tanks being natural predators to other tanks.  


An obvious answer is Arty against any slow moving tank.  Was curious if the stats and the play style of a tank made it susceptible to another tank.  


I personally am going to jump in my Tiger 2 and go IS hunting.  





scwirpeo #2 Posted 25 April 2019 - 09:58 PM


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That depends. The machine has a 25 second base reload. The 140 has 6.6 base. Figure the machine starts loaded the 140 will have enough time to get just ~70% it's total HP before the machine reloads again.


Meaning the 140 needs to bounce or evade shots while all the machine has to do is not get it's ammo rack or loader damaged.



I wouldn't risk 1v1 unless the machine has been hit already or isn't a good player.

MOEs so I can pretend like they matter



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