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Map Edges Rework

map edge rework boundary edge map boundary

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GMDRAG0N #1 Posted 09 May 2019 - 12:54 AM


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So, I'd love to hear some other peoples opinions on this topic because it seems that this part of the game drives me insane...

The edges of each map on Xbox is outlined using a black and white repeating stripe that follows the contour of the terrain. The snowy, grassy, and hilly maps tend to hide this thin line from view  if you are in the heat of battle, or you are zipping around in a light tank like a bat outta hell. Inevitably, you will smack into an invisible wall in an open field for seemingly no reason as you are fighting or fleeing an engagement, losing any speed you were carrying and leaving you disoriented as to what the heck just happened as the enemy blows you to bits.


I know a lot of players will use the expression of just getting good and that's fine, i admit im nowhere near the definition of good at this game. However, I'd like to consider other options that WoT could implement to help players combat this issue...


For example, perhaps they could offer an option that makes a red transparent wall appear along that black and white line as you get within a certain distance of the edge of the map. As you get closer to the edge the red wall can become less transparent until you get right up against it and it turns into a solid red wall. the option could have a toggle on/off option in the settings menu for those who dislike the idea of it and want to make sure its off. It's not a perfect idea, but perhaps it's a good start to consider.


Another example would be to give players a timer, similar to when your tank is too deep in the water. when That timer runs out your tank drowns, when this timer runs out your tank could either takes damage over time or just explode. The In-game voice could warn the player that they are leaving the battlefield of something silly like that, just like they do when you go too deep into the water. This idea would prevent the dead stop that occurs currently in the game when you encounter the map edge and it would justify the beautiful terrain just outside the map boundaries.  Often times the edge of the maps are in open fields that look like they should continue on, but the boundaries stop you seemingly out of nowhere. 


I'm sure this issue is a minor one among all the other issues some players experience within the game, but it's one issue that seems foolish and seems like it has a few relatively straightforward fixes. Let me know what you think, are there other ways to fix this issue?

matematicalone #2 Posted 09 May 2019 - 09:26 AM


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Nah, that's the least of all problems we have to deal with in game, just be more careful when zipping around in your cockroach so you don't get squashed.

BETA TYSON #3 Posted 28 July 2019 - 06:01 PM


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I was playing on Caen with the beaches and I was just exploring the the terrains where you can still travel on the shallow waters as the black & white lines are shown but somehow I can't go any further near the Destroyer that is in the shallow water. I thought that game only allows you within the boundaries of the map itself freely allow you to travel to wall to wall and corner to corner. Not being stopped by an invisible force.

Highlordwurm #4 Posted 07 November 2019 - 07:28 PM

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I HATE the stripe on the ground!  Don't run into it as much as I used to, but, it still gets me!  We USED to have a red line that was like a wall, fading away, you could actually see it, even when the ground was hidden behind a little hillock, or a bush, or snow....why did they take that away, anyways?  Did it bother people to actually see the edge of the map before you are on top of it?  Good suggestion, OP, maybe we could bring it back....like you said maybe as an option, since someone, evidently, disliked it enough to remove it.


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