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buy a tank with a special camo benefits.


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Vampire_Izumi #1 Posted 09 May 2019 - 07:51 AM


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could we get it where if you buy or earn a tank with a unique camo that you could buy that unique camo on other tanks like normal camo?


could make a tab in Camouflage called " Special all season Camouflage". (can only be purchased if you own a tank with that camo I.E Dreadnought KV-2 owners can put the Dreadnought camo on other Russian tanks at a price).

which would cost 4x more than regular camo but could be used in all 4 seasons.


Regular Camo:                      Special all season Camo:

7 day(Silver): 15,000             7 day(Silver): 60,000

30 days(Silver): 60,000         30 days(Silver): 240,000

Permanent(gold): 200           Permanent(gold): 800

you then are able to choose if you want the special camo active or standard camo active on your tank.

for example: a little on or off switch in 'Special all Season Camo' to turn it on (Disables regular camo) and off (Enables regular camo).



just a little thing i thought could be neat to add into the game.


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